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DayZ Experimental Update 0.51 Adds Vehicles, V3S Truck

by Prima Games Staff

Running Simulator 2014 is no more, ladies and gentlemen. The V3S Truck, the first vehicle to make its way into DayZ, went live on 0.51 experimental servers as of yesterday, November 24, 2014. So far there isn’t a lot of information to pass along beyond their existence, and some of the basic interactions when it comes to using them, but we rounded up a few videos, as well as a map, to show you what to expect if you find one.

As you can see from the above video from AlamistX, the V3S Truck is already in working order when you find it, but we expect that to change as more updates roll out in the coming weeks and months.

Furthermore, the video shows the ability to open the driver and passenger side doors, as well as the front hood. You might also notice commands that will allow a person to enter either the passenger or driver’s seat based on the two different symbols representing each.

Our second video features a very popular YouTube and Twitch personality, TheDeluxe4. He also shows a few of the commands that players can use to interact with the V3S Truck, but also takes us on a journey that shows off some of the glitches that you can expect to encounter as well.

While watching our favorite DayZ live streamer, KD Wolf, as he terrorized bandits along the coast last night, we started to hear reports of the 0.51 experimental update crashing the game repeatedly. This is something that is at least partially confirmed by the video from TheDeluxe4, but if you watch to the end you’ll also see something that sums up the stability of DayZ quite well. No, that’s not a shot. We get that the game is still in its alpha stage, but you have to admit it’s a very DayZ type of glitch to encounter.

Our final piece of useful media comes from the fine folks over at DayZ TV, who were kind enough to add all the currently known vehicle locations to their interactive map of Chernarus. Once again, we fully expect this to change drastically (both in location and numbers) as time and testing rolls on, but for now it’s looking as if most vehicles spawn away from the coast (Thank you, Bohemia), in or around notable towns and cities. As you can tell, this is something that we fully support, as we think more needs to be done to encourage players to leave Cherno and Elektro once in awhile.

Finally, we’d like to hear from you, the residents of Chernarus, and what you feel is the perfect balance for vehicles in DayZ. Do the developers need to add more or less vehicles, or perhaps different methods of transportation? We’ve always enjoyed the idea of horses, or even maybe something along the lines of an ATV.

Again, hit us up in the comments and let us know what you think about the V3S Truck in DayZ.

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