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Crowdfunded Mu6 Headphones Are The “Best Gift To Audiophiles”

by Prima Games Staff

Finding the perfect headphones can often be a struggle. Hundreds of brands offer thousands of different products, all at vastly different price points. Deciding between the numerous features each one offers can feel daunting, but not anymore.

Mu6 has created the “best ever gift to audiophiles” with their latest headphones. It’s packed with incredible features, most notably the “smart” aspect. Need to take your headphones off? Don’t worry about bringing your smartphone out of your pocket or pausing it on your computer, because as soon as you take the headphones off, your music will automatically pause, then play again once you put the headphones back on. On top of that, if somebody disturbs you while you’re listening, all you need to do is cup the left earcup with your hand. This will temporarily decrease the sound of your music, allowing you to tune in to the real world.

That’s where the Mu6 headphones excel; immersing yourself in the music with top notch noise cancellation. Take a look at this video, for example:

When tested in the lab with the Bose equivalent, the Mu6 ran away with the competition by some distance. It offers a much more “enjoyable listening experience”, and the team behind the Mu6 headphones are “continually striving to improve the noise cancellation performance.” Part of that is achieved by using a special high-density memory foam inside the earcup padding. This creates an “impeccable seal” from outside noise, along with being snug and comfortable over your ear.

Inside the headphones, you’ve got the Mu6 Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). This essentially means that it blocks out almost all ambient background noise. The technical explanation? It’s an “improved system that not only suppresses noise over a wider frequency range but also adapts to and corrects errors while being less sensitive to sound angle and user wear.”

It can also be adjusted via the on/off and transparency modes, which may sound complex but it boils down to giving the wearer the ability to control how much noise cancelling comes into effect. In the middle of the city, crossing busy roads? You’ll want to enable the transparency mode so you can pay attention to any oncoming traffic. If you’re listening at home, enable the ANC on mode to cancel “up to 96% of noise energy.”

Mu6 Headphones

“All headsets with active noise cancellation share a common problem,” explained Ruio, founder of Mu6. “During the process of erasing background noise, they add their own unmistakable hiss, which comes from the self-noise or noise floor of the inner electronics. We put much effort into minimizing this hiss to improve Mu6 ANC performance. With Mu6 ANC on, you won’t hear any background noise in a relatively quiet environment, even in the anechoic chamber.”

Without getting too technical, all of the components inside each earcup, combined with the Bluetooth 5.0 technology, result in a “better-than-CD listening experience.” Everyone always says wired headphones will sound better than wireless ones, but the Mu6 headphones mean “music lovers can enjoy wired-quality sound – wirelessly.”

Of course, with technology this impressive, these wireless headphones will surely require constant charging, right? Wrong. If you’re listening with ANC on, they last for an impressive 24 hours. Turn the ANC off and you’ve got 35 hours of playtime, and when you do need to charge them, they only take two hours to charge fully with either the magnetic wireless charging stand, or a USB Type-C cable.

Mu6 Headphones Charging

But what about everything else? How else will my listening experience be improved with the Mu6 smart noise canceling headphones? For one, you can download the Mu6 app for your smartphone. This comes with product features such as the ability to personalise your settings and create a custom equializer for different genres of music. The headphones also come in either “Graphite Grey” or “Medallion Brown”, which look incredibly sleek for the modern busybody.

To cycle back round to the beginning, the most important aspect for most people is, as always, the price. Right now, you can head to the Indiegogo crowdfunding page and pick up a pair of these beauties for just $149, which is a special early bird offer, reduced from $249. If they run out, there are 150 pairs available for $169. Both of these offers come with the headset, magnetic wireless charging stand, charging cable and a storage bag. If Mu6 hit their stretch goal of $150,000 total – which it’s looking like they’ll smash – you also receive a travel case for every headset you order.

Really, what are you waiting for?

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