Create-a-Wrestler Tips for WWE 2K15

Want to build the next John Cena, or someone who can knock him out? Follow this guide.

WWE 2K15 debuted for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, providing gamers the opportunity to get their hands on the ultimate wrestling sim. Featuring lifelike character models and a variety of modes to choose from, the game has grappling options galore, enough to keep WWE fans entertained well into next year.

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We covered basic and advanced tips for the game, as well as some of the best wrestlers to get started with. However, if you’re like us, you’ll want to jump right into Create-a-Wrestler mode, where you can tinker with several options and build the grappler of your dreams – or nightmares, depending on your preference.

Here are a few basic tips to keep in mind when it comes to crafting the ultimate wrestling superstar.

General Appearance – Be a Freak (Or Don’t)

When it comes to designing your character, there are four key areas you can mess around with – Face, Body, Clothing and Clothing Template.

Face pretty much speaks for itself, as you can tweak your character’s facial features using adjustment sliders, which let you bulk it up or keep it as simple as possible. You can also map your own face onto your wrestler if you have access to a Kinect or a PlayStation Eye camera, though it can take a little while to get the look just right. If you don’t want to mess with that, make manual adjustments. It’ll go a lot quicker – and you just might create someone that looks even better.

After you get done with the face, you’ll move on to Body. Here, you can make your wrestler as short or as tall as you like, whether you prefer a hulking beast like Brock Lesnar or a smaller-in-stature superstar like Rey Mysterio. Remember, the bigger your wrestler is, the slower he or she will move, but the more strength they’ll be able to pack on. To begin with, we suggest building someone from a medium size, so you have the best of both worlds and can go from there. If you prefer, though, go ahead and create a strong man – someone needs to bring down Kane, right?

Next up is Clothing and Clothing Template. With Clothing, several outfits are available to choose from, but it’s the Template that enables you to customize your own logos and put them wherever you please – even if you wish to apply them to your own body as a ego booster. Here, you can dress up like a clown – or a straightforward superstar, if you prefer – and then make adjustments to your outfit. It doesn’t really matter how you dress, as that won’t affect things too much. Try to go for something memorable, but not outrageous – the game doesn’t have fashion police, but that doesn’t mean someone won’t call you out for being ugly.

Creating a Superstar Entrance

With WWE 2K15, you can also customize your wrestler’s entrance so he or she can walk down to the ring in style, even better than Triple H spitting water.

First you have the general template, which lets you choose from a list of Motions and Title Motions. Motions are what you perform while you’re walking down for a general match, while Title Motions offer more confident strides, since you’ll be wearing a championship. Shop around and see what works best for you – although “Quiet! I’m On the Phone!” is rather hilarious, as you taunt to the crowd that you’re actually on your pretend phone.

Next up is Entrance Music & Stage Movie. Here, you’ll choose from a number of themes included in the game (you can’t import your own this year, sorry), as well as what Titantron Movie you want to use. You can also set up a Ribbon Movie, which plays on the top and bottom of the Titantron as you enter. Look around and see what’s right for your wrestler – and don’t be afraid to rip off another superstar. You can probably take them in the ring anyway.

Finally, you can change the Stage Movie Display in a variety of ways, including the Header, Wall, Banner and Ribbon. You probably shouldn’t mess with these too much unless you want everything absolutely perfect…like Mr. Perfect, if you will. Try the main options first, then go to these.

Stylin’ and Profilin’

Don’t worry too much about your wrestler’s style, unless you want to apply certain moves to your character that match up with the real thing, like Andre the Giant’s grapple moves. You’ll get most of your techniques as you enroll in MyCareer and learn from the folks at NXT. As you progress through the game, you’ll eventually learn new moves that you can add to your repertoire, becoming a better wrestler in the process. Don’t be afraid to experiment and eventually make the style your own – that way, you can learn to compete with the “big boys” and make your journey in the MyCareer mode, complete with a trip to Wrestlemania.

Also, if you get a chance, be sure to tinker around with the Create-a-Comeback mode. This allows you to create a crowd-pumping return to form in the ring when you’ve been knocked around. Remember when Hulk Hogan was beaten to a pulp, only to come back and beat his opponent by hulking up?  It’s sort of like that. You’ll simply need to chain together a series of moves (six in total) that will give you a burst of energy and allow you to come back on your opponent and (maybe) get the pinfall. Give this a try and see what you can create.


WWE 2K15 is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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