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Cool Alien: Isolation Easter Egg – Jonesy the Cat

by Prima Games Staff

We’re obsessed with Alien: Isolation, to the point that we stop to admire everything, even the many books left behind on Sevastopol.  

That said, we may have stumbled upon an Easter egg, which you’ll find in the first Survivor Mode map, The Basement. When you begin, walk through the short corridor and immediately turn left. You’ll see three books with the following titles: War in Totality, While the Crew Slept (we’d love to read that one) and finally, The Secret Path. The latter was written by Butch Jonsie.  

Now for all we know, there might be a Butch Jonsie on the development team, or maybe he’s a relative. Alien fans, however, will immediately think of the orange cat that starred in the original film and made a brief cameo in Aliens.

Keep in mind we cannot confirm whether this is a reference to the cat, and Google tells us the name is spelled Jonesy. Considering the infinite number of name combinations Creative Assembly could’ve gone with, though, we’ll consider this a fun little nod to our favorite horror movie feline.

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