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Collect Every Animal Crossing amiibo Card

by Prima Games Staff

We don’t know how things are where you live, but in the tri state area, Animal Crossing amiibo cards have become nearly impossible to find. You can still order them from big players like Walmart, Target and Toys R Us, but odds of walking into one of these stores and seeing even a single pack of cards are slim.

At the moment, we don’t know if this means stores sold through the initial stock or all of a sudden people started hoarding cards. Whatever the reason, it’s become even more difficult to complete a full set of 100 cards in Series 1. If you aim to do exactly that, we have some quick tips to finding all of the Animal Crossing amiibo cards.

Buy several card packs

If you just started collecting these cards, go ahead and purchase a bunch of packs.  You’ll receive some duplicate cards, but for the most part you should have more unique ones since you didn’t own many (or zero) to begin with. Case in point, we received six different special cards in the first six packs we opened; granted, a bit of luck was involved. 

Tip: When you begin collecting cards, keep track of the ones you have. Thankfully, Nintendo posted an online catalogue to do exactly that. 

Swap cards with other Animal Crossing fans 

Thing is, the more cards you own, the higher the chance of seeing duplicates. It’ll get so bad you’ll purchase a pack filled with cards you already have. Wasted money? Not entirely. There’s bound to be someone who needs one or more of the amiibo cards you own, and he or she may trade for free. Visit r/amiiboswap to meet like-minded fans, or check Twitter to see when the Nintendo World Store in New York City plans to host an Animal Crossing amiibo card swap. There’s no guarantee you’ll get the cards you need in return, but at least you can get rid of unwanted cards. 

Buy cards off eBay 

Once your card collection rises into the 80s and 90s, buying card packs doesn’t make sense. At this point, you’re better off swapping cards with other people, and if that doesn’t work, checking eBay for the individual cards to complete your collection. Paying $6 for a single card may seem like a rip-off at first, but you could buy five packs of cards and not come across the one you want most.

Which is the better deal? Paying $6 for one card or $30 for 30 duplicates? Personally, we prefer spending $6. Pascal will be ours… someday. 

Now tell us which Animal Crossing amiibo cards are rarest.

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