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Cheapest Characters in Mortal Kombat History: Part 4

by Bryan Dawson

As we continue to list the cheapest characters in Mortal Kombat history, we find that almost every MK combatant has something ridiculously unfair that players can use for easy wins. These aren’t the top strategies of competitive gamers, but rather special moves and tactics that people use when they’re playing casually to beat their friends. Without further ado, let’s FINISH THIS!

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Green Lantern (Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe)

Argue all you want about whether Green Lantern should be included on this list, but the simple fact is that he was in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and was the best and cheapest character in the game. He could fight from a distance with the Justice Grip, Summon Hand Grip and Judgment Hammer, but what really made him cheap was the fact that he could combo off a Breaker. If you connected a single attack, Green Lantern could use a Breaker, then follow with a combo. This wasn’t something every character could do, and it was super cheap.

Moloch (Multiple)

Moloch was basically the 3D MK version of Goro. He was essentially a boss character that you could play as. He had different abilities in the different games he was featured in, but no matter which incarnation you want to discuss, he had some cheap stuff. In Armageddon he had a near infinite combo limited only by the size of the stage (once you get a corner it was difficult to keep the infinite going). He also had ridiculous reach with most of his special moves, and he was generally displeasing to look at. He was the worst form of cheap, the kind of cheap when you feel like your friend is playing as a boss character.

Skarlet (Mortal Kombat 9)

Skarlet was fixed up a bit after her initial release, but her pre-patch variant was broken. We’ll ignore that, though, and look at how she is today. She has daggers that shoot two at a time and can be used on the ground or instantly in the air. She can also delay the second dagger, which means you can’t reliably jump over the daggers and they can be used to pressure an opponent from mid-screen. On top of that, Blood Ball inflicts six percent damage when it’s blocked! Let that sink in a moment. Yes, Skarlet loses life as well, but six percent block damage? Really?! She has her Blood Drop special that prevents you from attacking with projectiles from a distance, and then she has the Red Dash that offers crazy mix-up potential on its own.

Shujinko (Multiple)

Shujinko basically takes the best special moves from other characters for his own move list. He has Scorpion’s Spear, Sub-Zero’s Ice Ball, Kobra’s Flaming Fist, the Flip Scissor Kick from Li Mei, Raiden’s Superman, Liu Kang’s Bicycle Kick, Sindel’s Slide and Ermac’s Telekinetic Slam. Do we even need to continue a discussion about why this character is cheap? You could remove half of those attacks and Shujinko would still be cheap in the hands of your friends. Some of the combos and general cheesiness you can pull off with this character are insane. He’s basically Shang Tsung with better hair.

Rain (Mortal Kombat Trilogy)

We’ve specifically singled out the Mortal Kombat Trilogy version of Rain, but you could just as easily look at the MK9 version as well. Both are pretty cheap, but the MKT version was just ridiculous. He could Roundhouse Kick you THROUGH the side of the screen, then follow with more attacks when you appeared on the other side. He could even take control of the opponent with his Mind Control Orb projectile, setting them up for an easy combo. He has the Shocking Bolt attack that tracks the enemy and strikes wherever they’re standing, and he can lock an opponent in a bubble of water, once again leading into a combo. Add a teleport to all of this nonsense and you end up with one of the cheapest characters in MK history. At least he has a cool Prince reference. He’s purple and his name is Rain… get it?

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