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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Has a New Voice Actor for Captain Price

by Liana Ruppert

Activision has confirmed a few of our returning favorites coming back for the soft reboot that is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. With both Soap and Captain Price confirmed so far, with even more on the way given that it’s a reboot, FPS fans will get to see some of their favorite Modern Warfare faces once more, just maybe not all of their voices. 

Billy Murray first placed the character Captain Price when he first made his grand debut in the Modern Warfare series, but he’s confirmed that he won’t be reprising his familiar role. Instead, voice actor Barry Sloane will be taking on the role, something he’s already familiar with thanks to his work on the History Channel segment SIX. Even better? Sloane is a die-hard Modern Warfare fan, so he’s more than ready to do this character justice.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is much more than a simple relaunch. The studio behind the shooter is revamping much of what we know about online play, including free maps and no season pass, in addition to the ability to crossplay between PC and consoles. 

“This is an all-new Modern Warfare reimagined in every way,” said Dave Stohl, co-Studio Head, Infinity Ward. “We are creating an emotionally charged experience that’s inspired by the headlines in the world today, where the rules are grey and battle lines are blurred. Players will join a varied cast of international special forces and freedom fighters in gripping and heart-pounding missions through iconic European cities and volatile expanses of the Middle East. It’s intense, it’s exciting, and we can’t wait for our fans to play this October.”

“Every design decision has been made with our players in mind,” said Patrick Kelly, Creative Director and co-Studio Head, Infinity Ward. “With the launch of Modern Warfare, we’re taking steps to unite the community. First, we plan for Modern Warfare to be played together across PC and console through cross-play support. Second, we’re eliminating the traditional season pass, so that we can deliver more free maps and content as well as post-launch events to all players. This is just the beginning — there’s much more to come.”

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare makes its grand debut on October 25th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. 

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