Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – How to Play as Claptrap

Despite a small frame and weak melee attack, Claptrap has plenty to offer with his VaultHunter.EXE program.

Prima’s coverage of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel continues with a closer look at one of the four available character classes, Claptrap the Fragtrap. Fans will recognize the fast-talking robot from previous games, although he was a non-playable character that helped guide Vault Hunters. In this title, he works alongside Handsome Jack in an effort to take over the moon of Elpis.

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To be fair, Claptrap isn’t nearly as strong as other character classes, which we mentioned in our class breakdown. In fact, the game asks if you’re sure you want to play as Claptrap, merely because he’s the weakest character overall. However, he’s not completely worthless, since he’s able to activate a VaultHunter.EXE program that lets him pull off a number of maneuvers to aid his cohorts.

On that note, here’s a breakdown of how the EXE works, and the skills that Claptrap can apply when you activate it.

Situation Analyzed

Once you turn on the EXE, it’ll analyze the situation for you, depending on the enemies around and the conditions that arise. From there, an Action Package will be available for the player to use with Claptrap, and activating it provides a number of different features, ranging from creating a bomb that wipes out a number of enemies to a laser that heals colleagues.

Now, a word of warning. Some of these techniques, like the Torgue Fiesta (named after Mr. Torgue, of course), can hurt allies in certain situations or even ClapTrap. Fortunately, the EXE does a manageable job of distinguishing the right tool for the situation.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how the abilities work.


Let’s start with the general Action packages.

Miniontrap: This sets up a turret shaped Claptrap that fires rockets, which is great to use when surrounded. Think of it as a modified and somewhat comical version of Axton’s Sabre Turret from Borderlands 2, and you get the idea.

Meat Unicycle: A melee style attack, but instead of his arm, Claptrap utilizes a Buzz Axe. Players alternate between aim and fire buttons for vertical and horizontal slashes. This also produces a fire, but for the most part, you’ll want to save it for close strikes against several foes.

Funzerker: If you remember Salvador’s Gunzerking ability, it’s Claptrap’s version, for the most part. He’ll replicate whatever gun he’s holding and fire it automatically, with non-stop ammunition for as long as the Action Package lasts. In addition, teammates benefit from unlimited ammo.

Mechromagician: Fans of Paige from Borderlands 2 will love this ability, as Claptrap summons a Punkbot that can trash any nearby enemies with ease. In addition, fired bullets become ricochet off surfaces, making them an even bigger threat.

Shhhhh…Trap!: Although this utilizes Claptrap’s weak melee ability, it’s great for distracting enemies, as you generate a hologram (like Zer0) and sneak around while they blast it.

Blight Bot: Maya’s Blight Phoenix inspired this ability, which creates a mini-Sirentrap and sets it loose on enemies with special elemental damage. It can also produce corrosive-fire wings, allowing it to get around easily and efficiently.

Rubber Ducky: This is a strange one, but it allows better maneuverability, as well as temporary invincibility. You and your teammates suddenly bounce around like crazy, and are invulnerable to bullets as the Action Package lasts.


When it comes to co-op, two scenarios can arise from using an Action Package.

Senseless Sacrifice: When teammates are downed by bullets and going through a Fight For Your Life, Claptrap can choose to sacrifice himself to give them regained strength. This may annoy certain players, but it’s helpful for the team.

Medbot: Much better than the Sacrifice, this arms Claptrap with a healing laser, which he can fire at his allies to give them a health boost.

The More Powerful Ones

Finally, there are special Action Packages available once you meet certain conditions on the battlefield, such as completing a certain stage or leveling up to a certain point. They are as follows:

Laser Inferno: Once you meet the Rainbow Coolant condition, you’ll be able to activate a disco ball over Claptrap’s head, which in turn shoots elemental lasers like crazy. Not since Ratchet and Clank have we seen disco come back from the dead.

One Shot Wonder: Finish the Tripleclocked requirement and you’ll be able to open this Action Package, which allows you to empty your remaining ammunition in your gun in one shot. However, beware, as this can knock Claptrap back for a loop – and near a ledge, which is certain death!

Pirate Ship Mode: Finish off the Livin’ Near the Edge objective and you’ll be able to don a pirate hat with Claptrap and activate a quartet of cannons that can do all sorts of damage. What’s more, they fire to the tune of the 1812 Overture. How fitting!

Torgue Fiesta: Once you complete the I Am Rubber, You Are Glue challenge, you can throw a live grenade in a random direction that damages everyone on the battlefield. However, watch out, as this can hurt teammates as well.

Gun Wizard: While the You’reGOING TO LOVE ME!! objective sounds a bit ridiculous, it comes with a cool reward via this Action Package. It increases your fire rate, damage, magazine size and maximum ammunition for a limited time, and also extends to any teammates nearby. Shoot away!

Clap-In-the-Box: Last but not least, this lethal Action Package is all yours once you meet the Kick Him While He’s Down objective. Claptrap will put together a bomb that will explode after a few seconds, hitting everyone in the vicinity with a massive amount of damage. If no one is hit, however, Claptrap will enter into a Fight For Your Life period, and have to shoot someone to recover.

That about covers it. While Claptrap is somewhat complicated compared to the other, simpler classes in the game, he certainly has a lot to offer – for those patient enough to learn how to use him.

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