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Best Weapons in The Order: 1886 – Arc Induction Lance, Thermite Rifle

by Prima Games Staff

The Order: 1886 is one of the most stylish games to release for the PlayStation 4, with a combination of dazzling visuals and fast-paced gameplay where you hunt human rebels and dangerous half-breeds. There’s plenty to take in, with a cinematic quality and design we don’t often see.

Most of that comes from the modern/steampunk style weapons you’ll use to destroy Sir Galahad’s adversaries. With that in mind, we have the five best guns for the job. In some situations you’ll automatically receive one of these bad boys. Other times you’ll need to find it on your own.

M86/FL Thermite Rifle

When it comes to creating a big bang, the M86/FL Thermite Rifle is a superb weapon. It fires bags of magnesium at enemies, creating dust clouds that quickly surround them. That’s part of the trick, however, as the second shot you fire is an explosive round that ignites the dust (rains fire, basically), damaging anyone within its radius.

While the thought of firing two rounds to make the gun more effective may sound like too much work, this gun has impressive range, and can be used to quickly light explosives around the area, including red-colored barrels and gas pipes.

M84 Marksman Carbine

Call of Duty may have the best sniper rifles, but don’t pass up the chance to wield this one. The M84 Marksman Carbine packs a punch, as its rounds can bring down most foes in a single shot.

You’ll be able to use a monocule-like aiming scope that magnifies with the press of a button, allowing you to get a closer bead on your enemy. It’s a superb way to line someone up for a headshot, especially one of the more powerful soldiers unleashing magnesium clouds. Put him down quickly, then work on the others.

Essex M2/Pn83 Falchion Auto-Rifle

Sometimes, a situation doesn’t call for a bullet to kill an enemy, but rather a huge blast of air from the Pn83 that gives you a proper amount of distance between Galahad and his foe. That’s what the Combo Gun does, allowing you to either shoot bullets or air, depending on who you’re up against.

The blasts of air are effective against stronger enemies, so you’ll want to save whatever ammo you can. Push them away and unload from a relatively safe distance. It’s the best of both worlds.

TS-21 Arc Induction Lance

An electric gun? Who wouldn’t like an electric gun? You’re first introduced to the TS-21 Arc Induction Lance when you go on the hunt for your first half-breed, able to charge up your shot effectively to finish the creature off. That’s the catch with a weapon like this – you can only fire it after waiting a few seconds for it to recharge.

However, the payoff is certainly worth it, especially against stronger bad guys, since it works at close range and from a distance. It may require you to use some strategy on your part to stay in one piece.

C-81 Maschinepistole

Finally, if you want a gun that can carry plenty of ammunition and still put down a rebel, the C-81 Maschinepistole is ideal. You’ll be able to upgrade to it from your M4 Dragoon Revolver by walking over defeated enemies, and you’ll see it’s a bit more effective in terms of firing power and accuracy.

The Maschinepistole is good for when more than one enemy surrounds you, as you can rapidly fire shots and reload in a proper time, so you don’t give them the chance to gang up on you. It’s best to leave this in a secondary slot behind an assault rifle (like the M2 Falchon Auto Rifle), as you can quickly pull it out and fire with barely any hesitation.

No matter what weapon you use, you’ll find that The Order: 1886 has a lot to offer when it comes to gun battles. Buy it now for PlayStation 4.

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