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Best Video Game Weapons 10-1

by Prima Games Staff

Over the course of the week, we covered a ton of memorable weapons from a variety of games, including first-person shooters, action/adventure games, shoot-em-ups and others. Each one offers something innovative, and more importantly, effective when it comes to fighting good or perhaps evil. That said, it’s finally time to end the list with the top 10 best video game weapons of all time. 

This was a tough countdown to create, but we’re happy to share the final selections. Which is number one? Let’s find out. 

10. Plasma Cutter (Dead Space series)

When it comes to completely obliterating alien enemies, no weapon does it better for Isaac Clarke than the Plasma Cutter. This triple-laser rifle is capable of firing either horizontally or vertically, and cuts through most enemies like butter with a few well-timed shots. Better still, you can refill its ammunition rather easily, finding it from fallen foes or broken boxes. Keep it stocked, because you’ll definitely need it to combat the twisted freaks infesting this survival horror franchise. 

9. Proximity mines (Goldeneye)

Some prefer the explosive firepower of a rocket launcher, but the proximity mines from the Nintendo 64 classic Goldeneye take out someone with a bang. You can line the walls with these suckers and blast anyone who comes within range, killing them quickly most of the time. Be careful, though, because they can blast you too.

8. Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator (Half-Life 2)

Also known in laymen’s terms as the Gravity Gun, this weapon is easily one of the best you’ll come across in the Half-Life series. You can use it to pick up heavy objects and launch them at enemies, making it an excellent tool when you’re low on ammo. It can also carry items in case you need protection from baddies in front of you. Make sure you have this handy when Gordon Freeman really needs it.

7. Covenant Energy Sword (Halo series)

Although some would prefer the comfort of a Needler when rounding up Covenant foes (or your friends in multiplayer), the Covenant Energy Sword is a terrific weapon for melee strikes. It hits hard and effectively, and can usually take out opponents in one blow. Plus, it’s the coolest glowing weapon we’ve seen since the glory days of the lightsaber.

6. The shrink ray (Duke Nukem series)

The shrink ray may just be the coolest thing from the Duke Nukem series – aside from Duke himself, of course. You can shoot enemies and shrink them down to size, then stomp them for good measure. Watch out, though. If you shoot a mirror, you could turn yourself minuscule, then have to face off against rather large enemies. One thing’s for sure – Duke’s not a fan of shrinkage.

5. The Master Sword (The Legend of Zelda series)

Slingshot aside (because let’s be honest, it’s handy with those Skulls), the Master Sword is easily the greatest weapon in the Legend of Zelda series. Its power is imminent, and the fact that it plays such a focal part in the storyline – larger than most weapons in games – is really something.

4. The spread gun (Contra series)

Some people may argue that the Fireball gun and the Laser cannon are the best weapons you can find in a Contra game. We prefer the spread gun, not only because it’s just as powerful as a typical rifle, but also because of the multiple bullets it fires. It can do major damage to an enemy when you get in close, and its range allows you to quickly kill soldiers behind or below. Go spread or go home.

3. The BFG (Doom series) 

Considered one of the best weapons in first-person shooters for many years, the BFG is an effective device that obliterates most targets with a single blast. Sure, it has to be charged, but the result is completely undeniable. Excuse us while we go fry some demons. 

2. The Cerebral Bore (Turok 2: Seeds of Evil) 

If you’re looking for the ultimate in homing weapon technology, the Cerebral Bore comes highly recommended. This is a gun that fires a homing bullet, which then slowly tunnels its way into your opponent’s head before blasting what’s left of his or her skull clean off. The best part is watching the bullet fly towards an enemy, and seeing them scamper trying to get out of its way. It’s so cute. 

1. The Lancer (Gears of War series)

A controversial choice? Perhaps. When it comes down to it, though, nothing beats the power of a Lancer. From a distance, it serves as an awesome assault rifle, capable of taking out most foes – especially with headshots. Once they’re in close range, however, the effect really pays off, as you can saw them in half using the blade on the front end of the gun. Sometimes there’s a battle between Lancer-wielding soldiers, which makes it all the more exciting. However, it all comes down to sawing someone in half, be it human opponents or Locust, then moving on to the next victim.

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