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This Skyrim Cosplayer Transforms Into the Forsworn, the Dragonborn, and More

by Liana Ruppert

I’m a huge fan of RPGs and it feels like you can’t even say that genre anymore without Skyrim coming into the conversation. I’m also a huge fan of cosplay, so whenever I can mix the two I will. That’s why I couldn’t wait to share one of my favorite cosplayers, someone who is no stranger to creating some of the best Skyrim cosplays out there. 

From the Forsworn, to Serana, there’s really nothing this girl can’t do. Here are some of our favorite picks from her with more about the coplayer below:

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Narri is serving up sweet rolls ✨ @leahstevoart ‘s sweet roll prop was the perfect addition to my tavern setup! I’m working on and Azura costume, but are there any female elder scrolls characters you’d like to see me cosplay? I’ve already done Aela, Astrid, Serana, Mjoll, Nocturnal, a Forsworn, and the high elf hero from ESO. some of my ideas are Meridia, Karliah in nightingale armor, and some of the townsfolk outfits. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ 🍺 costume made by me. Swipe for progress photos! 🍺the “the dagger isn’t clipping lul” “joke” was done to absolute death before the costume was even done so please….just don’t 😣 🍺 wig is an @ardawigs Bucky in dark copper red, cut and styled by me. 🍺 necklace made from @avesstudiollc Apoxie Sculpt. It provided a really nice realistic weight to the pendant especially. It was really easy to sand to a smooth finish as well! Painted with Liquitex heavy body acrylic. 🍺bracelets were made by forming foam clay around plastic bangles. The armbands were made with craft foam, with the designs drawn on with a pencil so it would leave indents. It all was sprayed with Plastic-dip before painting. 🍺dagger was 3D printed via Thingiverse. Model done by Myxibrium, paint by me. 🍺 the costume features some creative liberty like making the neckline a little higher. All physical differences between myself and the game model are unimportant so comparison is not the way to go. @elderscrolls @bethesda #skyrim #skyrimcosplay #cosplay #skyrimtavernclothes #narriskyrim #aprilgloria #aprilgloriacosplay #cosplaygirl #kansascosplayer

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There are so many more, this girl is incredible! First things first though, this cosplayer may look a little familiar to you for several reasons: the first being that I post about her a lot throughout a plethora of websites I’ve worked at through the years. The second being is that Buzzfeed loves to call her the “goth Taylor Swift” because of her uncanny resemblance to the singer when out of cosplay and her past penchant for an edgier style. 

She’s one of my absolute favorites because everything she does is handled with such care.  From Serana from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, as well as Astrid and Aela the Huntress from the same game as well, to say she is well-known in her craft would be a massive understatement. No matter the fandom she chooses to represent, she absolutely nails the look with her own personal flair as well.

Check out more of her amazing work over on her Instagram above or her Facebook page right here. 

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