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Best Moments in Final Fantasy 7

by Bryan Dawson

Final Fantasy 7 is a timeless classic in the RPG realm. For most people it’s not because the game was so much better than any other RPG at the time, or even that they enjoyed FF7 more than other games. For many, the reason Final Fantasy 7 holds such fond memories is because it was the first true RPG they played for the then next-generation platform, the original PlayStation. Up until the release of Sony’s first PlayStation, gaming was regulated to a hobby for kids.

Sony’s platform helped propel gaming into the mainstream and with so many consoles sold, it’s easy to see how Final Fantasy 7 was a first for many people. Just taking a quick look at lifetime sales figures, the original PlayStation is sitting around 102 million units worldwide. As a comparison, the Super Nintendo, which was the previous home for Japanese RPGs, sits at a mere 49 million units sold.

With more than double the installed user base, Sony’s PlayStation was one of the first consoles many people played on, and Final Fantasy 7 was by far the biggest RPG launch in history up to that point. For these reasons and many more, FF7 holds a special play in many hearts. Let’s take a look at some of the more memorable moments in Final Fantasy 7 that fans should be looking forward to in the upcoming Remake.

Leaving Midgar

A large amount of the early game in Final Fantasy 7 takes place in Midgar. If Final Fantasy 7 had been an arcade game of some sort, the entire game could’ve taken place within Midgar and no one would have complained about the length. When you first realize that you’re leaving Midgar behind and heading out into a huge world, you suddenly get a sense of wonder and amazement. This isn’t the end or even the middle of the game. You’re just barely scratching the surface of the epic adventure to come. If you weren’t in awe or at least had a huge smile on your face, your memory is liking failing you.

Sephiroth’s Theme

One-Winged Angel is one of the most recognizable themes in gaming history. It’s been used time and time again when referencing Final Fantasy 7 or Sephiroth in general. However, it was most impactful when you heard it for the first time, cementing the fact that Sephiroth is not someone to be taken lightly. You knew deep down that the final battle between Cloud and Sephiroth would take place at the end of the game, but you had hours upon hours to wait for that fated encounter. The theme has also evolved a bit over the years. Listen to the original version, then listen to the Advent Children version and there’s a notable difference between them, so it should be interesting to see what Square Enix goes with in Remake.


Final Fantasy 7 was far more light-hearted than many of the Final Fantasy titles that came after it. Even Advent Children was much more serious than the game. One of the best parts that showed this light-hearted gameplay was when Cloud had to enter Wall Market and dress like a woman to court Don Corneo. That entire scene, including the dialogue between Tifa, Cloud and Don Corneo is one of the best moments in Final Fantasy 7, and it should be very interesting to see Cloud in a dress with graphics that are even better than Advent Children.

The Death of Your Materia

The death of Aerith is arguably the most shocking moment in gaming history. Sure, Aerith was a good healer and you’d grown fond of her by the time her death came about, but what really concerned you was all the Materia and items she was carrying. Did you lose all of that sweet, sweet loot or would it just go back into your inventory? Those brief few moments before you could check were excruciating, nevermind the fact that you had to deal with the death of a character.

Red’s Sacrificial Father

At the conclusion of Cosmo Canyon Red XIII discovers that his father was the one who sacrificed himself to save the village. Seto stood at the top of the cliff, turned to stone by the poisonous arrows of the Gi tribe. When Red discovers this and sees his father’s stone body riddled with arrows, it’s a scene that many believe tugs at the heart strings even more than Aerith’s death.

Let’s Mosey

Final Fantasy 7 has a lot of interesting dialogue, but one of the most memorable lines has to be Cloud saying, “All right, everyone, let’s mosey” shortly before the final battle. We already know that the main voice actors from Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children will be used for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, so it should be interesting to see how some of these lines translate when actually spoken out loud. If it’s not said how you said it in your head as you played the game, it could change the entire scene.

Of course there are many more memorable moments in Final Fantasy 7, but there’s a good chance not all of them will make it into the Remake. With new content being added to the Remake, it’s very possible we’ll have new scenes that become memorable, especially with increased attention on Biggs, Wedge and Jessie (sad times when they eventually die). Stay tuned for more Final Fantasy 7 news from Prima Games!

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