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Best Gifts for Gamers for the Holidays

by Ginny Woo

The festive season is coming up, hot on the heels of Halloween. With that in mind, you can bet that we’ll be clamoring for gift suggestions for our loved ones. Who even knows what Aunt Betty wants anymore? A new knitting set? However, if there’s one thing that we know here at Prima Games, well, it’s gamers. If you’re stuck for ideas, check out our list of the best gifts for gamers for the holidays.

Best Gifts for Gamers for the Holidays – Oculus Quest

This one is a bit of a no-brainer, and honestly, it’s because it’s one of the premier VR headsets out on the market right now. If you know someone that’s yet to jump on the VR train, even after the world’s collective excitement around Beat Saber, then make sure that they don’t miss out. This headset doesn’t require any other bits and bobs for you to crack into the fun, and the fact that it’s totally wireless means that you’re not in danger of tripping over any cables while you’re bopping around in a different world. You can get an Oculus Quest VR headset from Amazon here.

Best Gifts for Gamers for the Holidays – DOOMGUY Merch from Insert Coin

We all know someone in our life that’s a fiend for collectibles. Whether that’s Funko Pops, Amiibo, or just shirts. You can never have too many themed shirts, so this DOOMGUY merchandise from Insert Coin will suit your needs if you’re shopping for someone who can’t get enough of game apparel. We’re talking hoodies, t-shirts, and other goodies. You can pick up Wolfenstein or Yakuza-themed shirts too if you fancy showing your loyalty to a different franchise on their site here

Best Gifts for Gamers for the Holidays – Pokemon Sword and Shield

Okay, so this isn’t quite out yet, but it will be in time for the holiday season. Last year’s Pokemon titles were a clean sweep off the shelves when it came to Christmas, and we expect that Pokemon Sword and Shield will be no different. In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a gamer that wasn’t frothing at the mouth for the latest installment in the Pokemon franchise. Adorable monsters aside, the full revamp of the overworld and how you interact with it is going to be a hell of a thing to experience. You can pre-order Pokemon Sword and Shield from Amazon here.

Best Gifts for Gamers for the Holidays – Nintendo Switch Lite

Of course, if you’re actually wanting to play the new Pokemon games then you’re going to need a Nintendo Switch. Obviously they’re console exclusives. What better version of Nintendo’s flagship console to pick up than the Switch Lite? Sturdy, portable, and with more screen real estate than the original, we absolutely recommend netting this one as a double deal with some of the year’s hottest games. You can get a Switch Lite on Amazon here.

Best Gifts for Gamers for the Holidays – Link’s Awakening

This title will please both the older gamers in your life and those who are just getting an introduction to everything related to The Legend of Zelda. For those who recognize Link’s Awakening, well, we’ve got great news. It’s been remade on the Switch, and it looks better than ever – we even reviewed it and thought it was the bomb. This one gets you a lot of mileage with retro gamers in your life, so if you’re on the fence about whether or not someone would like a game, it’s a pretty safe bet to go with one of the most celebrated installments of a popular franchise. You can buy Link’s Awakening on Amazon here

Best Gifts for Gamers for the Holidays – PlayStation Classic Console

Did someone ask for more retro fun? The PlayStation Classic definitely delivers it in spades. With 20 games that were absolute hits in the past and a pair of controllers so you don’t have to bicker over who gets time with it, this console is the landmark purchase if you know a gamer wanting to relive their glory days. You can get a PlayStation Classic off Amazon here

Best Gifts for Gamers for the Holidays – Gears 5

The Gears franchise returned to great aplomb with Gears 5 this year, and rightfully so. It told a riveting tale, and with plenty of multiplayer chops and more collectibles than you can shake a stick at, this is really the game that keeps on giving. You’re gonna be getting your money’s worth if you chuck this into your gift basket, and we can guarantee that even if your chosen gamer is new to the series, they’re gonna come away with a hell of a lot of appreciation for this high-octane adventure. You can pick up Gears 5 on Amazon here, along with an Xbox Game Pass subscription so that the recipient of this gift can crack into everything that Microsoft has to offer.

Best Gifts for Gamers for the Holidays – Poro Plush

Is the gamer in your life someone who fancies themselves a MOBA enthusiast? Maybe they’ve been blathering on about something called “Worlds” and “TFT”. Well, we’ve got the answer: they’re a League of Legends fan, and the veritable mascot of LoL is available in plushie form. That’s right: you can give your loved ones stuffed poros this holiday, and best of all, they’re not a gift that will break the bank. They’ve got an adorable heart on their little tummies and also on their paws, and this is definitely an all-ages sort of gift if you’re truly stuck. You can order a Poro Plush from the Riot Games merchandise here.

Now that you’ve got our laundry list of what we’d recommend that you pick up for the gamers in your life, maybe you’d like to have a browse of our Halloween content? Check out our list of the 10 spookiest Pokemon; maybe you’ll want to stay informed before picking up Sword and Shield. Otherwise, we’ve got more great gift guides for the holidays coming up so stay tuned.

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