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Best Games for the Apple Watch

by Christopher Buffa

Although we still need a release date for Pokémon Go, there are plenty of games to play on the Apple Watch. You won’t find the same in-depth experiences that are available on the iPhone 7 and iPad, but these games are great ways to pass the time. The best part? You won’t have to spend a lot to download them, and most are free. With that in mind, these are the best games for the Apple Watch.


Although the Cold War ended 30 years ago, a powerful Russian computer is still active and doesn’t know tensions cooled between the U.S. and Russia. Oh, and you have a direct line of communication to it through your Apple Watch! 


Similar to the different Lifeline games on the App Store, KOMRAD is a fun text based adventure where you carry a conversation with a fictitious character. In this case, Soviet AI. It reminds us of the classic Matthew Broderick 80s film, WarGames, where you start to feel like you’re chatting with a powerful computer that might nuke a country if you say the wrong thing. That said, give serious thought to your answers!


Download KOMRAD for the Apple Watch

Lifeline: Flatline

There’s more than one Lifeline game available for the Apple Watch, but Flatline stands out the most. Similar to KOMRAD, it’s a text based adventure where someone (in this case, a woman named Wynn) wants to chat. She wakes up in a mysterious research facility and something lurks in the shadows. She needs your help to survive, and how you respond will guide the game in different directions; side note, her heart rate monitor will reflect the decisions that you make. 


This is the closest that you’ll get to experiencing a horror-themed game for the Apple Watch. No jump scares, but the creators do a wonderful job building tension. $2.99 well spent.


Download Lifeline: Flatline for the App Store


There is no portable version of Skyrim (we can dream), but Runeblade does a fine job scratching that action RPG itch, and it’s free.  You don’t physically move around, but there are 1,000 levels full of enemies to kill, including Giant Frenzied Crabs and Unholy Deer. It’s super casual, but there’s enough depth with spells and magical artefacts to keep you staring at your wrist for several hours. 


Download Runeblade for the Apple Watch

Bit Journey

Bit Journey for iPhone and iPad is side-scrolling hack-and-slash game that lets you cut through swarms of enemies while wandering through an 8-bit style world. The Apple Watch version is more of a companion, where you’re able to train up the different pets. It’s sort of like a Tamagotchi that pays dividends for you in the main game. 


Download Bit Journey for the Apple Watch


Pokémon Go will come out soon for the Apple Watch. Make sure you’re ready with our Pokémon Go Guide. We’ll tell you how to catch the new baby Pokémon and get XP fast to become a high level Pokémon Go trainer.

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