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Best Expansions & Updates of 2020

by Jesse Vitelli

It’s no surprise that this generation has brought many live service games to the market. Now yearly or even quarterly updates have become commonplace for multiplayer games. Let’s take a look at some of the best expansions and updates for games this year.

Fortnite Season 4

Fortnite is a game that constantly evolves; whether you like the game or not, Fortnite season 4 brought Marvel and X-Men together better than most games of the past few years. On top of a great season of Marvel content, the season ended with one of the coolest live events to date. The world eater Galactus showed up, and the Fortnite universe and Marvel Universe teamed up to defeat him. Driving a battle bus full of bombs in what can only be described as the best Star Fox in a long time. It had Iron Man, Wolverine, Thor, AC/DC, and a cinematic ending. 

Destiny 2 Beyond Light

While Beyond Light isn’t quite the reinvention of the wheel for Destiny like Forsaken was, it is clearly paving the way for what’s ahead. With an all-new Subclass, Guardians can now wield the power of darkness in the form of Stasis, a brand new ice power. 

It also brings back the Exo Stranger from Destiny 1, and she finally has time to explain what is going on. It’s a culmination of things to come, and the story comes to a solid conclusion while still looking ahead. The Deep Stone Crypt Raid is one of the better raids offered in Destiny 2 and has a lot of unique mechanics for players to explore. 

Beyond light also took a big jump by removing many planets from the game and ultimately creating a smaller scoped, more focused experience for players.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands

The newest World of Warcraft expansion launched only a few weeks ago, but it’s already so much more interesting than the previous expansion, Battle for Azeroth. The zones are all unique and interesting while exploring the concept of death and the legacy you leave behind. It has plenty of twists and turns to keep players engaged throughout the leveling process.

World of Warcraft always has its ups and downs, but Shadowlands is trending upwards, and we’re excited to see where it goes in 2021 and beyond.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Seasonal updates

Now I included animal Crossing on this list because I absolutely believe it deserves praise for its constant updates bringing fun events for p[layers to come back to. Whether you were gathering candy from your villagers for Halloween, collecting eggs for the cursed bunny Zipper, or just checking out the new features like dream islands. There was so much to constantly come back to in Animal Crossing New Horizons this year to keep players satiated. When was the last time you checked in on your villagers? Maybe it’s time to say hi. 

No Man’s Sky Desolation & Origins

No Man’s Sky has really turned itself around over the last few years, and the big expansion for 2020 “Desolation” continues the forward trajectory. On top of adding crossplay, next-gen updates, and a slew of other updates throughout the year, Desolation brought abandoned freighters filled with the alien infestation for the players to have to wrestle with. It added a real Dead Space vibe to the game. 

The Origins update brought a ton of new fauna and flora to the game to help spice up the variety found around the universe. It also added volcanoes, new weather effects, and whole new star systems for players to enjoy.

No Man’s Sky had a hectic year, and it helped land them on this list. 

Are there any new expansions or updates you’ve been spending a lot of time with? Be sure to let us know on the official Prima Twitter and Facebook pages. 


Jesse Vitelli

Jesse loves most games, but he really loves games that he can play together with friends and family. This usually means late nights in Destiny 2 or FFXIV. You can also find him chipping away at his ever-expanding backlog of JRPGS or staring at his massive Amiibo collection.