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The Best Characters in Ultra Street Fighter 4

by Prima Games Staff

Although Street Fighter 5 is on the way, fans must wait for Capcom’s newest sequel to its popular fighting franchise. For now there’s the PS4 version of Ultra Street Fighter 4, which is available to download for the budget friendly price of $24.99.

The game features every available fighter in the series, with over 40 to choose from. It also includes previously released downloadable content, including gameplay tweaks for superior balance and all of the costumes.

If you’re new to the series or the game, which character should you choose? We have 10 picks to get you started on your path to becoming a fighting master.


Classic Ryu is still one of the most effective characters in Street Fighter history, with his traditional Dragon Punch and fireball attacks. In addition, he’s agile enough to dodge incoming strikes, allowing players to set up a good counter with ease. Pick Ryu without hesitation, and don’t forget to try Evil Ryu as well.


On the flip side of that coin is Ken, who possesses a number of similar techniques to Ryu, but packs a little more punch for those who prefer combo-based attacks. His hurricane kick, for example, allows for multiple strikes in one shot, and once you come back down, you can hit your opponent a couple more times for good measure. His Dragon Punch also has some fire behind it, as you can literally scorch your opponent as you fly through the air. On top of that, his supers are worth experimenting with, from his standing Dragon Punch to a charge attack that will wipe out even the worthiest opponent.


Those who prefer the charge style of attacks, where you hold the joystick a certain direction for a couple of seconds and then unleash an attack by pressing forward and a coordinating button, will love Blanka. He’s the best when it comes to charging techniques, and he’s also quite fast, enabling him to get in quick with a good jump kick or punch. For good measure, his electrical force field provides strong defense, in case an enemy comes at him with a jump or is unfortunate enough to get hit when in range. Throw in a fun super rolling charge attack and other moves, and you have a winner with Blanka.


This character originally debuted in another Capcom series, Final Fight, before making his appearance in the Street Fighter Alpha games. Between his Zonk Knuckle, Tornado Uppercut and Ruffian Kick, Cody can leave an enemy laying like the best of them, especially with a seasoned player who can link all of these together. Throw in some great Ultra combos and up-close strikes with a reasonable amount of damage, and he’s a perfect counter to the other Final Fight presence in Ultra, the speedy Guy.


Juri is a wonderful new addition to the game. She can perform a series of kicks – Fireball, Pinwheel and Dive – that can be put together, making her a force to be reckoned with in the air and on the ground. On top of that, her Supers and Ultras are easy to execute, with regular and reverse fireball-style attacks that will wipe out a foe in no time. If you’re playing as her, have fun, but if you’re playing against her, good luck.

Fei Long

Initially introduced with Super Street Fighter 2, Fei Long is one of those characters who doesn’t use projectile attacks when he fights. Not that he needs them, mind you. His quickness is on the same level as the legendary Bruce Lee, and he can still strike effectively enough without the convenience of a fireball. His Flame Kick is a great counter to incoming attacks, his Rekka Ken creates quick punches that can be tied together and his Flip Grab is a powerful technique for someone who prefers to stay on the ground. With his speed and efficiency, Fei Long is easily one of the best combatants.


If you’re a wrestling fan, there’s no question Zangief will become one of your personal favorites in the Street Fighter universe. What he lacks in speed, he more than makes up for with brute strength, and if he grabs onto an opponent during a match, it might as well be over. Between his punishing Double Lariat, devastating Atomic Suplex and his traditional Spinning Piledriver (which is just as much fun to watch as it is to execute), you can’t go wrong. 

M. Bison

The powerful dictator is one of the faster characters in Ultra, as he flies around the screen with deadly precision, landing a Head Stomp before leaning into a flying punch attack that can send someone careening across the screen. Along with that, his sliding kick and drill-like Psycho Crusher attack deliver significant damage. He’s also a threat to blocking opponents, since his teleport lets him sneak up from behind.


Ibuki became a favorite in the Street Fighter realm when she appeared in Street Fighter 3, and for good reason. She’s quick and accurate with her attacks, whether she launches into a defensive spin kick or catches her opponent off guard with a snap-worthy Neck Breaker. Her Kunai is also a great air technique, and she can call upon a command dash to quickly move around the screen. Throw in some effective Super and Ultra attacks, and you have a ninja who strikes with precision.


Of course we saved room for the all-American Guile. Besides having the best hair you’ll find on a Street Fighter character, Guile can easily wipe out opponents with his Sonic Boom projectile and defensive Flash Kick technique, as well as various Ultras and Supers to destroy a life bar in seconds. The “handcuffs” glitch may be gone, but plenty of moves remain, allowing a seasoned player to get the win. Plus, anything goes good with the Guile theme – ANYTHING.

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