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The Best Characters in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

by Prima Games Staff

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Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is easily the biggest in the series to date. You’ll blast off to outer space with the Dark Knight and various other heroes, butting heads with the vile Brainiac, who has plenty of evil plans for the universe. Featuring hours of block-based fun and humorous visuals, the game should be a delight for the whole family, as well as avid comic-book fans.

That said, it can be a little daunting to pick which characters you want to play, since Lego Batman 3 comes with over 150 that can be unlocked. However, we’re here to help, with a list of some of the best characters in the game. Your favorites may vary (especially if you’re a Kevin Smith fan – yes, he’s in it), but these heroes are sure to help save the day.

Adam West

Yes, we’re recommending Adam West. Why? Because he’s the original 1966 Batman! West packs a punch, capable of grabbing evildoers and putting them in their place, while building objects just as quickly as anyone in the current DC Heroes roster. Holy TV legend, Batman!


Don’t sell Aquaman short. Despite being on the receiving end of jokes, he still packs a punch in Lego Batman 3, thanks to the help of his trident. With this long weapon, he can knock enemies for a loop while avoiding damage. Looks like the joke is on the villains.


Of course bad guys get their fair share of attention in Lego Batman 3, and Bane is quite a standout. In his normal form, he can do a great deal of damage, but he can also transform into a Bigfig, which doubles his size and strength for a limited amount of time. In addition, he can also hurl rocks at far-away enemies, and break open special walls for other heroes to access. Sadly, he doesn’t say much in the game, as he did in Dark Knight Rises.


Of course we’re going to recommend the Dark Knight. In addition to throwing foes and using Batarangs to handle trouble from a distance, Batman can also equip special suits to help him get through traps and puzzles, including the Power Suit, the Sensor Suit, the Arctic Suit (in case he has a brush with Mr. Freeze) and our personal favorite, the Space Suit. Intergalactic crime fighting never gets old. 


This cybernetic hero is just the ticket to give your team a boost, as his laser eye and demolition suit are most excellent for destroying stuff. The laser eye can easily melt gold Lego bricks and ice that gets in the way, while the demolition suit can launch rockets and bombs. It’s definitely a party when Cyborg is around.


This bad-ass ninja was great in Injustice: Gods Among Us, and he’s equally cool in Lego Batman 3 – even in block form. His sword and guns make him a threat both up close and at a distance, and he can utilize a bo staff to provide better range against foes. In addition, his acrobatics enable him to get around higher areas much easier than most characters. Take that, Arrow!

Green Arrow

Speaking of Arrow, we’ll give him the nod, mainly because of his ability to use super-sense to find hidden objects within each stage, such as bonus canisters to collect and other goodies. He’s also quite nimble in the acrobatics department, and can shoot his bow and arrows at both nearby and far-away enemies with dead-on precision.

Green Loontern

The original Green Lantern is a good superhero, but the Daffy Duck edition is a worthwhile – and hilarious – add-on to the roster. He has most of the same abilities as Lantern, including the powerful Ring and the ability to generate numerous builds, but he does so with plenty of humorous – and self-confident – quips.

Kevin Smith

Snootchie bootchies! The director of many cult comedy classics (like Clerks), as well as the recent mind-boggling Tusk, makes his video game debut, armed with a sonar gun and the ability to break glass and occasionally control minds. It’s just a shame Jason Mewes isn’t with him, because we’d totally be down with a Bluntman and Chronic reunion.

Martian Manhunter

Why should Bane have all the fun with Bigfig transformations? The Martian Manhunter is capable of his own, with the ability to bust through walls and throw rocks, as well as use special abilities, such as generating portals, to go through and use heat vision to cut everything down to size. Oh, and he can fly!

Mr. Freeze

Forget the comically bad rendition of Mr. Freeze by Arnold Schwarzenegger – Lego Batman 3 finally does the iconic villain justice while retaining his enjoyable blocky appearance. In the game, he can freeze enemies and objects with his ice cannon, while putting out fires.


Of course we love Superman. Who doesn’t? The Man of Steel returns to battle in Lego Batman 3, complete with a number of iconic talents, such as using his ice breath to stop enemies and put out fires, as well as heat vision that can cut through everything. He can also transform at will into Clark Kent when the situation calls for it – although Clark is kind of useless. Back to Superman!

Swamp Thing

This goofy 80s hero makes his video game return (we’ll forget about the NES release) with plenty of power to back up his team. Swamp Thing can flatten enemies with his fists or throw rocks at them from a distance. He can also smash through certain walls, letting his team collect any hidden items. All that’s missing is Adrienne Barbeau.


Finally, we have to give some love to our favorite female magician, who stole the show as a downloadable character in Injustice: Gods Among Us last year. She comes armed with plenty of super strength, as well as a magic wand that lets her generate special magic attacks against enemies. With her around, there’s always time for a show.

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham releases tomorrow for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS.

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