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The Best 3DS Games of 2015

by Prima Games Staff

2015 may have slowed down a little bit in terms of game releases for the Nintendo 3DS, but the handheld still saw a strong supply of original and entertaining games, whether they were based on new properties or the return of old-school favorites in a brand new light.

Here are some of our favorite 3DS games from the past year!

Code Name S.T.E.A.M.

In what could be considered a unique – and slightly strange – take on alternate history, Code Name S.T.E.A.M. puts you in control of a squad trying to subdue an alien invasion, with the help of president Abraham Lincoln. Featuring strong turn-based strategic action, along with new characters to unlock and some fun additional mini-games (including a gigantic version of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots with Honest Abe himself), this is one great game that certainly didn’t run out of S.T.E.A.M.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Proving you could never have too much of a good thing with monster hunting, Capcom released Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate earlier this year for the 3DS, and easily won over millions of fans with its stunning open-world design and excellent customization. Featuring hundreds of quests involving battles with large, uncontrollable beasts and smaller, more intricate journeys, Ultimate also packs some impressive online multiplayer, so that others could join the crusade as well. It’s definitely worth, ahem, hunting down if you haven’t gotten it already.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

There’s no question that Xenoblade Chronicles is an all-out classic for the Wii, and X for Wii U isn’t too shabby itself. Between the two, however, is a superb translation of the original game for the New Nintendo 3DS, making the most out of the new hardware with exquisite visuals, hours’ worth of quests to endure, and deep gameplay that can take hours to master, especially against higher-level enemies. This game is more than enough reason to upgrade to the new hardware, just to see what it’s capable of.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D

Considered by many to be one of the best Legend of Zelda games ever made (probably due to its darker tone and its fantastic new gameplay elements), Majora’s Mask managed to find new life on the portable front, thanks to a noteworthy release on the 3DS. Featuring a terrific story that’s well worth re-enduring (even 15 years after the initial game’s release) and a combination of sharp visuals and gameplay, Majora’s Mask definitely deserved a second go-around. Go on, put on the Mask. 

Sega Classics

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen various Sega Genesis and arcade classics arrive on the 3DS, with impeccable new 3D visuals and a number of options to expand gameplay. This year brought eight new games to the forefront, ranging from old-school favorites like After Burner II and OutRun to Genesis favorites like Streets of Rage II, Gunstar Heroes and Sonic the Hedgehog 2. They’re all worth getting, not only because of their incredible value (they sell for only $6 apiece), but also because they provide hours of retro-based fun that you can take anywhere. Gunstar in particular is worth rediscovering, especially with a friend in tow. Run and gun!

Yo-Kai Watch

Considering the success of the Pokémon games, Nintendo didn’t necessarily have to introduce a new brand to the 3DS. Regardless, the company teamed up with the masterful role-playing developers at Level-5 to give Yo-Kai Watch a chance on our shores – and it certainly paid off. Featuring a number of inventive characters that you can pick to choose and capture, beautiful anime-like design within the world and cutscenes, and enthralling gameplay that offers hours of variety, it’s something definitely worth Watch-ing with future releases.

The Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes

Last but certainly not least, 2015 was the year that we got not only one Zelda adventure for on-the-go play, but two. Tri-Force Heroes, however, isn’t a typical entry in the series, as it leans more towards utilizing multiple Link characters to solve puzzles and battle enemies. It’s great solo, but it really helps to bring more players into the fray for a three-person co-op experience. On top of that, the game comes with a fair share of unique outfits that provide each character with special abilities – all the more reason to play dress-up.

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