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Berserk Musou – Dynasty Warriors Goes Dark

by Bryan Dawson

Berserk has been an incredibly popular manga and anime, despite the dark themes featured throughout. While the new game coming from famed Dynasty Warriors developer, Omega Force, isn’t the first Berserk game to be made, it looks to be the closest to what the source material embodies. Both the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 Berserk games felt almost like Dynasty Warriors, so it’s only fitting that Omega Force takes a crack at Berserk.

While details are still a bit limited, the game will release on September 21, 2016 in Japan on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. A North American release date has yet to be announced, but it will launch in the US on PlayStation 4, PS Vita and PC when it eventually arrives. As many US gamers did with Dark Souls 3, there’s always the option to import the game if you don’t want to wait.

Most Omega Force games aren’t steeped in story, but the new Berserk game promises to cover the period before and after Guts obtains the black armor. That means we should see parts of the game take place in the Golden Age, as well as the Black Swordsman arcs that haven’t been featured much in the animated Berserk features, but are the highlight of the manga. In addition, when Guts transitions from the Golden Age to the Black Swordsman arcs, his abilities and fighting style will change to correspond with the source material.

Like many other Dynasty Warriors titles and offshoots, Guts won’t be the only playable character. We know that at least Griffith and Casca will be playable alongside Guts, and it’s expected more playable characters will be announced in the future. There will also be a number of boss characters pulled directly from the source material. We’ve already seen Guts fighting a bevy of low level creatures, but we can confirm that bosses such as Nosferatu Zodd will make for more formidable foes for Guts and his friends to battle.

In previous Omega Force games, bosses were handled in a variety of ways. If you’re worried about not getting the full epic nature of a boss battle against some of the toughest bad guys in the Berserk anime and manga, fear not. It has been confirmed that there will be some one-on-one boss battles that take place between Guts and his most challenging foes. We’ve also seen Guts cutting through hordes of enemies in what Omega Force promises to be a rewarding experience as players will feel the impact and weight of every attack.

Expect the boss battles in Berserk to be more along the lines of Hyrule Warriors instead of the more traditional Dynasty Warriors titles. Each boss should have a unique mechanic players will have to abide by in order to be defeated. Guts couldn’t just slash up every major bad guy he encountered in the anime and manga, and the same challenges from the source material will be carried over to the new game.

With the Japanese release of Berserk coming up in just a few months, the North American audience probably won’t have to wait much longer for a domestic release. In the meantime, keep an eye on Prima Games for more information on the Japanese and US release dates for Berserk.

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