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Behind the Scenes: Making the Skylanders® SuperChargers Strategy Guide

by Prima Games Staff

Every author has a different approach to writing a strategy guide, and they always have an interesting perspective on the new games they’ve spent so many hours playing. We’re excited to share an interview with Ken Schmidt, author of our upcoming Skylanders® SuperChargers game guide! Schmidt told us what it’s like to work on a guide, and some his favorite features of Skylanders® SuperChargers. There’s even a peek at some of the pages inside the guide!

Q: How did you go about writing the Skylanders® SuperChargers guide? Is there a certain process you follow?

Schmidt: I spent the first days with the game taking notes while also creating the outline for the guide. I used my notes to build a template for each of the major sections of the guide (Skylanders, Vehicles, the Adventure, and Race Modes).

I changed Skylanders often while playing through the Adventure so I could learn about both Skylanders and the story at the same time. I did the same thing for Race Modes, where I’d switch vehicles while learning each of the tracks. After that, it was weeks of playing and writing.

Q: How long did it take to write the Skylanders® SuperChargers guide?

Schmidt: One month of 12+ hour workdays. There were a few lighter days but most were at least 12 hours of work.

Q: Do you have any advice on how to quickly level up your Skylanders?

Schmidt: Play on the hardest difficulty that you can handle and pick Portal Master Powers that give bonus XP.

Q: The new Skylanders® game has brought something new to the table, but of all the Skylanders® games, what gameplay element would you say is your favorite feature that was added in?

Schmidt: Skystones (Smash and Overdive).

Q: What was your favorite part about making the Skylanders® SuperChargers guide?

Schmidt: Organizing the “Selecting Portal Master Powers” pages. It’s a handy reference section for portal masters looking to get the most out of their Skylanders and vehicles.

Q: One new gameplay feature added to SuperChargers is the racing element, which is a departure from other games in the series. How did this new gameplay element work in the new game?

Schmidt: Racing is its own mode and doesn’t directly impact the Adventure; however, vehicles are used extensively during the Adventure. Vehicles are a great addition because using them is often optional. That means you get more to do in the Adventure when you want to but you can skip some challenges if you’re revisiting an area looking for something specific.

Q: Along those same lines, do you have a favorite character/vehicle combination?

Schmidt: Fiesta and Crypt Crusher. It’s all about the Amigos.

Q: Another new element is the Land, Air and Sea Challenges. Which challenge type was your favorite and why? Can you tell us how those work without giving too much away?

Schmidt: The Challenges that I enjoyed most took place in the Spell Punk Library.

Q: Do you have a favorite all-time Skylander?

Schmidt: I couldn’t pick a single Skylander as a favorite but many of the Skylanders I like most (Cynder, Eye Brawl, Hex, Roller Brawl, Fiesta) are Undead.

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