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Bayonetta 2 Tips for Beginners and Advanced Players

by Prima Games Staff

The long-awaited Bayonetta 2 released last week for the Wii U, and it’s easily one of the best games for the system, featuring a lavish presentation that puts the original to shame, and improved gameplay on all fronts. It’s also much more exciting, with the kind of teeth-rattling boss encounters that will keep you coming back for more.

There’s a lot to master in Platinum Games’ sequel, and we have tips to find some of the best weapons in the game, as well as how to use Witch Time and Umbran Climax techniques.

Witch Time

As with the original Bayonetta, Witch Time is an excellent technique when you want to do additional damage to larger foes. This occurs when you dodge an incoming attack and time slows down long enough for Bayonetta to pound away on her somewhat frozen opponents.

The best way to execute Witch Time on someone is to time your evade on their incoming attack at just the right moment. Wait for them to go into an attack, and when they’re about to hit you, move out of the way.

This can take time to master unless you’re on the casual difficulty where it’s done for you automatically. However, once you nail it down, you’ll find Witch Time to be the best technique in the game.

The Umbran Climax

This new technique lets you dish out heavier damage on your foes once a meter fills. It only lasts a few seconds, but it allows Bayonetta to summon her demon wardrobe for harder hitting attacks.

Using this is simple – defeat enough enemies to fill up your spiritual meter, and once prompted on the screen, press the left shoulder button to activate the Umbran Climax. Then let your weak and strong attacks do the talking as you turn enemies into bloody mush.

Note: It’s best to save the Umbran Climax for situations that really call for it, like when you’re surrounded and unable to successfully evade attacks, or when you’re taking on a larger boss enemy.

Secondary weapons that make a difference

Along with Bayonetta’s stylish gun and combo attacks, you can pick up secondary weapons from enemies to use against others, simply by walking up and adding it to your arsenal. Some of these tools are only good for one-time use, but they’re ideal for clearing out a few enemies and combining their results with Bayonetta’s main attacks. Again, like the Umbran Climax, try to save these for when you need them the most.

As far as other weapons, you can hit up the Gates of Hell and add more to Bayonetta’s arsenal, although in general combat, they don’t make too much of a difference at first. However, unlocking the secret weapons in the game will pay off eventually.

First up are the Handguns. You’ll unlock these by beating the game on any difficulty setting, and can apply them to your Combo Finishers for greater effect.

Next up is the Scarborough Fair. You can purchase this via the Super Mirror from the Gates of Hell, and watch as you apply it to your combo techniques and do greater damage. They were in the original Bayonetta, so fans will recognize them.

Another weapon you can unlock from buying the Super Mirror from the Gates of Hell is the Shuraba. This does a great deal of damage and mixes up your combo techniques. Definitely worth the price.

From there, the Rodin is a weapon you receive from beating the boss of the same name. With it, you can create enlarged Angel or Demon Arms, depending on which button combination you use, to pummel enemies. You can also dizzy enemies and stylishly take them out with bloody finishing moves as well.

Perhaps the coolest weapon, though, is the Chain Chomp. Yes, the traditional Mario character appears as a wrecking ball that Bayonetta can apply to her wardrobe for better Attack Power with her combos and finishers. You can find Chain Chomp by completing the game on the highest difficulty setting, in which you’ll receive the Angelic Hymns Gold LP Super Mario 64. Once you acquire this, stop by the Gates of Hell and get your Chomp on!

Those Awesome Nintendo Costumes

The weapons and the Super Mirrors we discussed earlier are also vital when it comes to unlocking some of the coolest costumes in the game. For instance, you’ll get a special Chain Chomp and Rakshasa costume to go with your weapons when you purchase them in the Gates of Hell. However, we know which ones you really want – the Nintendo themed costumes that were announced earlier this year. 

Well, here’s how to get them. Make sure you have the Super Mirror 64-2 (after beating the game on Hard difficulty) and head over to the shop with as many Halos as you can muster. From there, you’ll be able to shop for basic stuff, including a schoolgirl outfit, a cheerleader outfit, and several others.

However, to get the Nintendo ones, you’ll need the Super Mirror 64-2 (the first Super Mirror 64 will only unlock hairstyles, so make sure it’s version 2). This’ll take a good amount of money to pick up, but it’s so worth it, as you can acquire four different motifs – the Mushroom Kingdom Princess, the Sarasaland Princess, the Hero of Hyrule and the Galactic Bounty Hunter (Metroid). The Fox McCloud costume will also unlock once you beat the game as well.

The best of these has to be the Galactic Bounty Hunter. Not only does Bayonetta’s Love Is Blue attacks resemble Samus Aran’s laser blasts, but you can also change your dashing attack from a running panther to rolling up in the Morph Ball. Still, if you’re a Nintendo fan, you’ll want to purchase them all.

One side note – some of the outfits are immediately available for play in the original Bayonetta (a free download with purchase of the game) if you want a sneak preview of what you’re in for. Just start the game and go into the costumes area to find them.

Bayonetta 2 is available now for Nintendo’s Wii U console.

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