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Battlefield Hardline Official Game Guide: First Look

by Prima Games Staff

The Battlefield Hardline official game guide is hitting the shelves on March 17th, and we’re offering the guide at a new low price: just $14.99! Here is a first look inside its pages to show you what you can expect!

Battlefield Hardline will offer fans of the franchise a new style of gameplay and fresh locales, and the upcoming guide covers the new features of this cinematic, cops-and-criminals take on the Battlefield series.

The guide’s comprehensive Campaign Walkthrough leads you through the entire game; it’s a great help to completionists who want to find every collectible and complete every Achievement/Trophy!

Combat in Battlefield Hardline is high-speed and intense. In the Weapons Locker section of the guide, you can explore the full arsenal of military-grade weapons, vehicles, and fictionally inspired gadgets!

Want extensive, in-depth Multiplayer Coverage? The guide has it, along with multiplayer tips and tricks directly from the game developers! You’ll also find highly detailed maps that will guide you to every important objective, location, collectible, and more in both the single player campaign and multiplayer modes!

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