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Battlefield 4 – 5 Reasons to Play the Dragon’s Teeth DLC

by Prima Games Staff

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After an admittedly rocky launch, Battlefield 4 made a comeback in the last couple of months, and looks to continue that trend with the release of Dragon’s Teeth, the fourth of five planned DLC packs set to release in 2014. Having just returned to the fight not too long ago, we were pleasantly surprised to find a smooth and rewarding experience. Gone is the rubber-banding that made Conquest Large virtually unplayable. Instead, players can expect a much smoother experience, and that action-packed, fun feeling that Battlefield is known for. With everything looking to be on the up-and-up with the game, we wanted to take a look at a few reasons you might want to dive back into this title with the release of the Dragon’s Teeth DLC pack.

The Ballistic Shield

If you’ve ever played a round of Operation Locker on Conquest Large, you know what it’s like to stack 32 players at opposite ends of a hallway and watch them shoot and lob endless grenades at one another. Well, not to get your hopes up, but the all new Ballistic Shield introduced with Dragon’s Teeth might be the answer people have been looking for. Not only does it stop all types of small arms fire (aside from the glass you look through), it can also be used as a melee weapon. It might not be the best option for Capture the Flag on Golmud Railway, but even if you fail horribly, stacking five people behind one brave soul with a Ballistic Shield, then walking toward enemy fire in a narrow hallway seems like a solid plan to us.

More Pew, Pew, Pew

It’s quite rare that we find a gun that we really enjoy in any first-person shooter, but every time a new DLC pack comes out, we get overly excited about at least one or two new weapons. We also start to moan and groan at the crazy assignments we have to grind out just to get our hands on those bullet dispensers. In the case of Dragon’s Teeth, there are quite a few options to get excited about. In fact, after about two hours of gameplay, we managed to get some serious time in with the MPX Sub Machine Gun. While it doesn’t fire as fast as its MP7 cousin, it’s still a fantastic option for Engineers.

Perhaps the weapon that people will be most excited about, however, is the Deagle 44. Unlocked by completing the Big Splash and Recoil Kinetics assignments, the Sunken Dragon map is filled with people camping the floodgates to try and knock this one off their lists. While it can be annoying to see the bulk of your team trying to flip a switch, it also presents a great opportunity to kill 14 people with your shiny new MPX.

Chain Link Game Mode

While new game modes are always a toss-up, every once in awhile one comes along that not only keeps players entertained for hours, but also changes the way they play the game as a whole. It’s anybody’s guess whether Chain Link will actually stick, but the concept seems like a solid step in the right direction. More than any time before, Battlefield is being played by individuals, not full squads and teams packed with PTFO beasts. This is where you have to at least admire what DICE is trying to do. Rather than wait for the players to get wise and start working together, the developers introduced a game mode that requires a tad more coordination if you hope to be victorious.

Think of Conquest, one of the staples of the Battlefield franchise, but then imagine all the objectives making up one long chain. String a few together and you’ll bleed your enemy’s tickets at a faster rate. Allow the chain to be broken, however, and you’ll not only stop bleeding your opponent dry, but quite possibly spring a leak of your own. After playing more than an hour of this game mode, we found it to be quite enjoyable while running with a three person squad.

Four All New Maps

The bread and butter of almost any DLC is the introduction of new maps. Dragon’s Teeth appears to be no different, with players getting to throw down on Lumphini Garden, Pearl Market, Propaganda and Sunken Dragon. Where Battlefield has always been known for its vehicle heavy combat, Dragon’s Teeth puts a much higher emphasis on infantry warfare. This should come off as a big hit for many people who prefer the gunplay and dislike being interrupted by six angry tanks smashing through everything in sight. While we haven’t had a lot of time to get to know all the secrets of each map, we did find that Propaganda was our favorite, favoring the patient soldier content to move from cover to cover and pick off their careless enemies as they sprint across open terrain.

C4 + PWC + CTF = Win

We’ve all seen crazy stunts in Battlefield before. People were launching vehicles across maps using C4 long before the public had any idea that Battlefield 4 was in the works. That doesn’t make it any less fun. But what could possibly be better than air mailing your buddy to the enemy spawn using enough explosives to drop the skyscraper in Siege of Shanghai? We’re glad you asked.

Check out the video below that shows PonyLionHD testing out the DLC with some fellow community members and YouTube commentators. As the video plays, like us, we expect that you’ll become more and more impressed. Not only did he launch himself through the air and across the map to pick up the enemy flag, he then did it again to return to his base and capture it, winning the game. While there’s a slim chance we can repeat this performance ourselves, you can bet we plan to lay waste to many PWCs while we try.

Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth is currently available to all Premium members. Visit Origin, or the store on your console of choice to get into the action.

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