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Archangel: Hellfire – Pacific Rim Inspiration

by Bryan Dawson

It’s no secret that the development team behind Archangel: Hellfire consists of people who are huge mech fans. Skydance has roots in the film industry, and that history is evident in Archangel: Hellfire. Recently, the developers discussed how Pacific Rim, one of the biggest mech film franchises, helped to inspire some of the design, artwork and combat in Archangel: Hellfire. Most would consider Pacific Rim to be the evolution of the big 80s mech films, which would make Archangel: Hellfire the proper evolution of mech combat from films to gaming.

When the first trailer for Pacific Rim: Uprising was released, the art team took a very close look at the mech designs. While Archangel: Hellfire offers larger mechs similar to the ones seen in Pacific Rim, the game also offers smaller mechs like Scrapper from Uprising.

“If you like watching Pacific Rim, then you’re going to like Archangel,” is one of the many quotes from the development team. Combat in Archangel: Hellfire is a bit more varied than what you may have seen in Pacific Rim. Both movies focused more on melee combat with only a small amount of ranged tactics, but Archangel: Hellfire offers a variety.

The development team continued by saying, “The arsenal of weapons you’re going to be using feel more on that [smaller] scale. We’re talking machine guns, multi-rockets, sniper lasers and that sort of thing, and they are more melee-centric in Pacific Rim.”

Kids and adults alike have always wanted to climb into a giant mech of their own, and now Archangel: Hellfire lets them do just that. With mechs towering up to six stories high, this unique VR experience is exactly what fans have been asking for. The development team plays the game and makes adjustments based on what they find fun. It’s all about having a great time piloting a giant mech and fighting against your friends.

Archangel: Hellfire offers a free PvP update that expands the game quite a bit. If you already own Archangel: Hellfire, be sure to grab the free update. If you haven’t yet made the jump into Archangel: Hellfire, now is a fantastic time to climb into your mech and wreak some havoc.

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