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Animal Crossing’s Isabelle Invades Resident Evil 3 With This Mod

by Liana Ruppert

The world fell in love with Animal Crossing’s Isabelle pretty much immediately and that love has only grown with the recent launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. First, the little cutie patootie took over DOOM Eternal with a hellishly adorable crossover and now it looks like she’s ready to take on zombies with this hilarious Resident Evil 3 mod. 

While the Resident Evil franchise has some pretty intricate mods (uh, Mr. X in a thong, come on, now), this one is pretty simple. It’s not even a full reskin, it’s an Isabelle mask on Jill Valentine’s body. But its simplicity doesn’t make it any less cool, plus who wouldn’t want to see that shining and smiling face when mowing down the undead? She’s the little ray of sunshine the apocalypse needed. 

With the Resident Evil 3 demo having been met with enthusiasm coming off of the hype of the incredible Resident Evil 2 remake, it’s no surprise that modders immediately lept at the chance to put their own creative spin on the horrific tale. Though the reviews have been mixed ranging from perfect scores to “we’re just gonna not,” maybe Isabelle’s lovely face will unite the critics under a deceptively chipper banner. 

We can dream, Harold. 


Interested in trying this mod out for yourself on PC? You can check it out right here over at Nexus Mods. We’ll be able to get our hands on the full horror adventure when Resident Evil 3: Nemesis drops on April 3. 

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