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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Advanced Tips

by Prima Games Staff

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 rewards players who figure out how to approach each unique situation. Every bad guy, boss and mission has a formula that will let you to make things look easy. In no particular order, here are five advanced tips that fit into that winning formula.

Combinations Win Fights

You hear it in combat sports all the time, you have to put your combinations together if you want to be an effective striker. The same applies for Spider-Man, except he gets a bonus. Every time you string your punches, kicks and counters together, you increase the chance of performing a signature move that will almost certainly put your opponent down for the count. Additionally, if you manage to put together a 42-move combo streak, you’ll unlock the I’m on a Roll trophy.

From Coach to First Class

The game shows you how to do this, but what it doesn’t tell you is how you should spend all your heard earned upgrade points. For us, the most valuable upgrades were the Seismic Blast and the Ionic Web. The Seismic Blast is fantastic at taking out Brutes, as well as the Kingpin and Carnage bosses. The Ionic Web is a must have for missions such as the Kingpin of Crime and the Green Goblin. In fact, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to focus almost exclusively on these two upgrade paths. When these are maxed out, feel free to spend some of your disposable XP on other upgrades.

Battle Manhattan’s Underworld

Some of the side missions in this game are very simple. However, each one gives you additional XP, which you can then use to put our previous tip into play. While saving civilians from a fire might not be the most rewarding task, every little bit helps. To get the most from the side missions, focus on the Russian hideouts. Not only do they often come with additional XP, they can also contain some more suits for Spidey to try out. After all, being fashionable is an integral part of fighting crime while wearing tights.

Defense Wins… Boss Battles

The biggest mistake any player will make in this game’s boss battles involves jumping the gun and going on the offensive. Although most bosses are not hard to defeat, they will put a stop to careless players in a quick way. When the battle kicks off, spend a moment learning what attacks the boss will throw at you. Take a few seconds getting used to dodging them, focusing primarily on counter attacking. One you get a grip on their abilities, start to put your attacks together to bring them down.

Web Master

While using Spider-Man’s web might fall into a beginner’s tip, using it effectively takes more time and effort.  A perfect example: the first time we played through the Kingpin of Crime, we were using our Seismic Blast on Kingpin’s lieutenants, rather than the Ionic Web. After multiple failures, we decided to pay attention to the instructions and managed to power through it in about 10 minutes. Since each enemy class is vulnerable to a different variation of Spidey’s web, it’s all about knowing which to use and when. The game does a great job of letting you know. You just have to pay attention.

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