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Alien: Isolation The Trigger DLC – Meet Ricardo

by Prima Games Staff

“Let’s just focus on getting out of here alive. We can play follow the leader later.” – Ricardo

After months of getting brutalized by the xenomorph in Sega and Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation, we desperately craved some sort of release.  For the fifth and final DLC, we wanted the developer to hand us a pulse rifle and put the creature squarely in our sights for some much-needed payback.

For a moment, it seemed the wish would come true when Sega revealed The Trigger, the newest piece of downloadable content for Isolation, available now. The title implied that we’d be able to unload a few rounds into the monster. Instead, it’s more survival horror as we control Ricardo as he frantically runs around Sevastopol in three new maps, completing objectives and attempting to blast the Alien into space. Considering The Trigger takes place before events in Isolation, we have a feeling he’s about to fail big time. 

This should be it for Isolation as far as DLC goes, and it’s been one hell of a ride.  If you need help beating the game, read our free walkthrough!

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