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Alien: Isolation – Inside Sega’s Corporate Lockdown DLC

by Prima Games Staff

Alien: Isolation is much easier with Prima’s free walkthrough!

Sega and Creative Assembly released the first piece of predictably terrifying downloadable content for Alien: Isolation. Corporate Lockdown casts you as a Seegson company man named Ransome, who attempts to sabotage his former colleagues on Sevastopol Station while making off with precious data from the Nostromo flight recorder. He assumes, perhaps stupidly, that there’s a place for him aboard Amanda Ripley’s ship, the Torrens.

Considering Corporate Lockdown takes place within the Alien universe, the odds of Ransome being able to mosey down the seemingly abandoned hallways to safely arrive at the Torrens are pathetically low. The DLC comes with three maps for Survivor Mode, each of which present unique objectives, enemies and generally horrible situations that would make any normal person empty their bowels in terror. 

Now that we implanted this into your brain, here’s a quick look at what you can expect with Corporate Lockdown, TPS reports excluded.


The nightmare begins with Severance. Ransome starts in his or someone else’s living quarters. There’s a busted Working Joe lying on the ground and a whole lot of collectible items that you’ll eventually use to craft things like noise makers. This is also where we inform you that Ransome comes equipped with the Revolver and Bolt Gun, both of which are about as effective against the Alien as a piece of paper towel. 

Severance has the following objectives: Delete the server records, disable the camera system and seal the window shutters. Of particular note is the theater we entered (complete with decomposing bodies) that conveniently lost power, and a Facehugger that quickly attached itself to Ransome’s mug. Fade to black with gulping sounds in the background, suggesting embryo implantation is in progress. Disgusting, yet awesome.

Should you make it past Severance, now you must get through Scorched Earth. Here’s the good news: we found both the flamethrower and shotgun on this map. Now some bad news: near the end, the lab Ransome’s in explodes, leaving him temporarily disoriented.

If you make it to the computer terminal to erase some files, there’s still a chance the Alien will attack from behind, even while Ransome is logged in. He’s almost never safe.

Here are the Scorched Earth objectives: Save the civilian, collect Lingard’s research files and hack the exit to Lab B. Rescue a civilian? Sounds like one big nope to us.

Finally, we come to Loose Ends. Ransome is almost there, but there’s one problem; several, actually. Rather than pit you against the Alien right away, the developers littered this environment with Working Joe androids, and they’re so happy to see you they can’t wait to put their plasticky hands on Ransome’s throat. We drew the Revolver, but there aren’t enough bullets to take down the robots; fire a single shot and the others hear it. Craft as many noise makers as you can and use them strategically.

Loose Ends goals: Collect Nostromo log data, lock down security junctions, disrupt communications.

On a side note, you’re able to play these maps out of sequence or one after the other. We’d tell you not to die, but since death is part of the process in Alien: Isolation, there’s no point. The monster will find you, guaranteed.

The verdict? Corporate Lockdown enhances an already incredible video game, and all Alien fans should download it pronto.

Alien: Isolation is available now, and we strongly suggest buying the Season Pass to save a bit of money on the DLC packs, especially if you intend to buy them all.

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