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5 Things We Want to See in Assassin’s Creed Victory

by Prima Games Staff

Over the years, Ubisoft has done tremendous things with its Assassin’s Creed series, from naval combat in Assassin’s Creed 3 to co-operative play in Assassin’s Creed Unity. No doubt the team has plenty of ideas with the forthcoming Assassin’s Creed Victory, which was confirmed right before the end of 2014.

Only a few details about the game were revealed – it’ll take place in Victorian England and feature an all-new Assassin at the helm – but it should be a good entry in the series. That said, we have a few suggestions for what Ubisoft can do to make it the best Assassin game yet.

A More Definitive Multiplayer Experience

Over the years, the Assassin’s Creed games have offered great multiplayer components, from straight-up competitions with friends online to co-op missions to four-player Heist challenges. However, with Victory, Ubisoft should combine all of these ingredients together to open up the multiplayer experience.

The return of Heist would be welcome, but the developers need to include more locations to ransack this time around, mixing up the behaviors and placement of guards even more to keep players on their toes. Co-op should also make a welcome return, but this time, Ubisoft should expand the player count from two to four, providing greater support for team tactics.

Finally, the return of traditional multiplayer would be welcome, as it was with 2013’s Black Flag. Players going at it with randomized tasks and targets can be a lot of fun, and it was an ingredient that was sorely missing from Unity.

Weapons, Weapons, Weapons

The Assassin’s Creed games introduced a variety of weapons into the fold, from the projectile-shooting Phantom Blade in Unity to the debut of Tomahawks in Assassin’s Creed 3. For Victory, the developers need to go all out with the availability of weaponry, ranging from swords and battleaxes to a mace or spiked bayonet.

That’s not to say the team should go overboard and forget which era the game takes place in, as items like the sabre, musket and flintlock revolver would certainly fit right in. That said, modifications can certainly be made to improve their effectiveness, such as special shots (like explosive bearings) or opportunities to use them more creatively.

Of course, it’d be great to see the hand blade return as well. We never get tired of a good stab.

Skip the Future, Stick to the Past

While the idea of tying in the Assassin’s Creed series with some modern-day element has been a tradition in games over the years, there are times when it can be a bit confusing – for instance, with the “time tears” that pop up in Assassin’s Creed Unity. With Victory, the developers need to stay as much in the game’s era as possible. The key is to focus on the Assassin – after all, it’s his tale, not the one about the programmer working at Abstergo trying to figure out how he ticks.

Smarter AI

One component that manages to annoy players is the behavior of certain AI. Thankfully, last year’s Assassin’s Creed Rogue for Xbox 360 and PS3 took a step for the better, pitting you against similar Assassins that you’ve been playing as over the years.

For Victory, Ubisoft Montreal should go the extra mile and really put some thought into the behaviors of certain characters. Sure, guards may not be entirely experienced with combat, but they’re not idiots either, and a progressive system should be put in place that makes them think, instead of giving up on someone that just stabbed three of their buddies.

Bring Back Naval Combat

While naval combat may not be the most likely ingredient in a game based in Victorian England, its return to the Assassin’s Creed brand certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing. Black Flag improved upon it enough to make it a lot of fun, and Rogue expanded on the theme with the addition of new weapons, an improved ramming capability and having to break through ice to explore new areas.

We’re certain that Ubisoft Montreal could find a way to re-insert this part of the game into Victory, having your character sail the high seas to explore new lands and uncover additional assassination missions. For good measure, it could also tie in with multiplayer, with people competing against one another in high-stakes sea battles. 

BONUS: Bring In Another Female Assassin

We all know how great a job Aveline did in Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, right? So why can’t a new female step up to the plate for Victory? It’d be interesting to see how suavely she handles targets that get in her way, with the same style and grace as some of the other Assassins in the series. 

Assassin’s Creed Victory will release later this year.

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