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5 Reasons to Play Murdered: Soul Suspect

by Prima Games Staff

We’ll admit, until recently we hadn’t spent a lot of time looking at Murdered: Soul Suspect and what Airtight Games was bringing to the table. The more we dug, however, the more this game seemed to be exactly what we might be looking for in a single-player adventure. In fact, we liked what we saw so much that we just had to share it with you. Here are five reasons you’ll want to pick this game up on June 3rd.

A Little Mood Lighting

After doing a bit of investigating, we weren’t able to nail down a resolution and frame rate. However, if you’ve seen any of the gameplay or trailers, you’ll already know that this game looks good. Sure, if the first-person shooter genre is your thing, frame rate and resolution are key. However, when it comes to single-player titles, it’s more about the mood and feel of the environment.

Murdered: Soul Suspect does look good. In fact, it might rock a native 1080p resolution on the PS4. We just don’t know yet. What we do know is that the environment looks and feels dark and damp, drawing you into that ghostly world that feels a lot like Dishonored and Thief. That should put your mind at ease right there. That’s some great company to keep in the single-player, visual mood department.

He’s No Kevin Spacey, But…

With Murdered: Soul Suspect, the acting feels natural. After a bit of digging we discovered that Ronan O’Connor, the main protagonist, will be played by veteran of television and film Jason Brooks. Not familiar? Well, neither are we, but the point is the man has a big professional resume and it immediately showed in the game.

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

That’s a loaded statement that is either true or false based on circumstances. To be honest, we were in need of a catchy heading. What are we getting at? The game is currently dominated by fast, in your face action that relies almost entirely on reflexes. Think back to L.A. Noire. That game was perhaps one of the best crime dramas of all time. Sure, it was fun to shoot at things and get in car chases, but the meat and potatoes was your ability to solve crimes by using your brain.

With Murdered: Soul Suspect, we will undoubtedly experience intense, heart pounding action. What we also know is that players will have to find, organize and dissect clues in order piece things together. It might not be for everyone, but there’s no denying it’s a refreshing change of pace for those wishing to test more than their button mashing abilities.

You Can Walk Through Walls

‘Nuff said, right? Alright, we’ll elaborate. This one ties directly in with our previous point. Solving a crime is all well and good, but this is entertainment and you have to bring something to the table that nobody else has.

As a dead, ghost version of Ronan O’Connor, you’ll be able to walk through walls and even possess living people in order to solve the mystery of your own murder. Instead of interviewing witnesses and picking up evidence in L.A. Noire, Ronan can’t do that. Instead, players will have to look at the clues in a way they aren’t used to, approach things from an angle that isn’t routine. Maybe you can’t interview that witness, but perhaps you can possess them and read their thoughts. Did anyone else feel that chill?

Telling Ghost Stories

Single-player games have very specific formulas for success. They must create a believable world that is consistent all the way down the line. Not only does it need to look and sound good, it must have a story that players want to hear.

Being a ghost is pretty cool. Solving a murder is also pretty cool. Being a ghost and solving your own murder is downright awesome. Supposedly inspired at least in part by the movie Seven, Airtight Games aims to unravel the story slowly, keeping the protagonist in the dark until the final moments. We’re anxious to figure out what Ronan O’Connor doesn’t know.

Murdered: Soul Suspect will be available for Microsoft Windows,  as well as the PlayStation and Xbox platforms June 3rd. For now, check out a brief trailer.

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