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5 Incredible DayZ Players You Must Watch

by Prima Games Staff

A couple of months back we highlighted five videos that we thought would make you buy DayZ, and the response from the community — as well as the featured players — was incredible. Since that time those players have continued to gain support in their quest to become permanent members of Chernarus, and as huge fans of each of them, we decided to highlight five more videos — and live streams — from that very same crew. While we acknowledge that you likely don’t need any additional convincing to buy the game, we feel it’s important to recognize some of the community’s best ambassadors.

Down But Not Out – Mr. Blackout

The last time we put a list like this together Mr. Blackout took up two spots. Since that time he’s put a heavy focus on his Twitch channel, but still continues to pump out high quality DayZ game play with superb editing skills. In this episode of his Director’s Cut series, Mr. B shows some quality footage of him helping out his friends, even if that means shooting them in the head. You’ll need to watch all the way to the end to see what we mean.

Mr. Blackout on Twitch | Mr. Blackout on YouTube | Mr. Blackout on Twitter

Knuckle Dusted – KD Wolf

Our very good friend, KD Wolf, has about a dozen videos that you could put into this list, and the content only promises to get better now that he’s a cannibal. Before he was munching on the flesh of his dead foes, however, KD was knocking out bandits — and innocent people — with the newly implemented Brass Knuckles. While knockout videos are fairly common these days, the look on KD’s face is something that you can’t find anywhere else but his steadily growing Twitch channel.

KD Wolf on Twitch | KD Wolf on YouTube | KD Wolf on Twitter

The Last Stand – Jam Jar

His knack for editing is right up there with the best of them, but his skills with a gun are second to none when it comes to DayZ. Today, we opted to pull a video that displays both of these skills, featuring Jam Jar cornered in a piano house with nothing other than a Magnum and the will to live. We won’t ruin the ending, but we will say that in spite of the title, we were surprised. Seriously though, check out some of his Jampage videos after watching the one above – the guy is insane.

Jam Jar on Twitch | Jam Jar on YouTube | Jam Jar on Twitter

My Finest DayZ Moment – Puhdado

It’s common knowledge among his Twitch followers and friends that you do not eat potatoes around Puhdado. KD Wolf breaks this rule on a nightly basis, but what do you expect from a guy who force feeds Echoics raw human flesh?

Getting back to Puhdado, this may be his finest DayZ moment, but the guy has a lot to choose from, as well as one fantastic looking beard. If you’re searching for a genuinely relaxed time and some good DayZ game play, Puhdado’s Twitch channel is the place to be.

Puhdado on Twitch | Puhdado on YouTube | Puhdado on Twitter

Echo’s Twitch Adventures – Echoics

Watch live video from Echoics on Twitch

Although she does have a YouTube channel, Echo puts her primary focus on Twitch, and can most often be found causing trouble with the four maniacs we mentioned above. It’s for the best, however, as Echo seems to find herself in some of the most hilarious DayZ moments you’ll ever see, including being force-fed human flesh by KD Wolf a few nights back. She claims she didn’t enjoy it, but we have it on good authority — KD Wolf — that she’s really starting to appreciate the cannibalistic features recently brought in by Bohemia.

Echoics on Twitch | Echoics on YouTube | Echoics on Twitter

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