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The 5 Best Maps in Titanfall

by Prima Games Staff

It’s rare that a game launches where players can’t name one or two maps they don’t like. Titanfall appears to be the exception to that rule, shipping with a whopping 15 multiplayer maps that players enjoy. Since we set out to choose the five best maps the game has to offer, it’s clear we had a tough job ahead of us. Knowing full well there’s bound to be those who disagree with our choices, we’d love to hear from you. Check out the five maps that we believe stand apart from the group, then be sure to leave a comment with your own top five list.

5.) Rise


Rise is a long-range reconnaissance outpost set up by the IMC. The setting is definitely supportive of that description, featuring long corridors and a desert floor that gives players the feeling of abandonment. What sets this map apart from the pack in Titanfall are the unique wall-running opportunities. Pilots with enough skill can move from one side to the other without touching the ground.

Although Rise doesn’t feature any standout landmarks, it’s unique in that Pilots can travel through the many buildings to avoid the massive Titans outside. If you’re looking to see this map at its best, give Capture the Flag a try.

4.) Colony


Built in the valley below the crashed IMS Odyssey carrier, Colony stands out for its village like feel. It features many buildings, none of which are large or even remotely resemble the space factory theme present throughout much of the game. What sets it apart from other maps is the low rooftops, which are easily accessible to even the most novice Pilots.

The most notable landmark in Colony is the Town Hall and the massive tower above it. Although it offers a great vantage point for anyone with the Longbow-DMR Sniper, spending too much time there is bound to be a death sentence. To see this environment enjoyed to the fullest, try Pilot Hunter. Whereas some of the larger maps drag on, Colony is small enough to keep the action fast paced and Pilot focused.

3.) Smuggler’s Cove


Known for both pirates and the arms trade, Smuggler’s Cove is a small city that stands out for its bridges and unique wall-running opportunities.  While not uncommon in Titanfall, the map also features two turrets players can hack, directing their fire towards the opposition. What sets it apart from some of the other maps in the game is its extreme balance between Titan and Pilot friendly terrain.

The most notable landmark is  Market Bridge, also home to Hardpoint B. If you want to experience the best that Smuggler’s Cove has to offer, try it on Hardpoint Domination where Market Bridge can be captured and controlled by Pilots and Titans alike.

2.) Demeter


In the game’s multiplayer campaign, Demeter is described as a critical refueling station for IMC Forces. Although it does have that factory feeling present in many Titanfall maps, it also boasts a magnificent red star that provides a unique lighting backdrop. What sets this map apart from the rest are the many overhead pipes that connect some of the key strategic points the environment has to offer.

The most notable landmark on Demeter is definitely the Reactor Core, also home to Hardpoint B when playing on Hardpoint Domination. That’s the game mode that will offer players the most rewarding experience. The battles for the Reactor Core are as intense as any others found in the game.

1.) Boneyard


While players may have a difficult time finding a map they don’t like, our number one pick seems to be popular. It has several characteristics that make it unique from any other map. Never mind the sharp rock structures sticking out from the desert landscape, Boneyard features the huge Leviathan creatures (both skeletal remains and very much alive) that we’re sure everyone has tried to shoot. On a bit of a smaller yet more interactive scale, Flyers can be shot for a cool 100 points and often swoop down to cart off unsuspecting Grunts and Spectres.

Although this map does have several landmarks, they’re overshadowed by the skeletal remains of the Leviathan’s scattered about. Try playing on either Capture the Flag or Hardpoint Domination for some unique flag captures and good blend of Titan and Pilot action.


There you have it, our five favorite maps in Titanfall. The best part about making this list was getting to experience all 15 multiplayer environments on different game modes. Now that we’ve sheared our thoughts with you, we’ll ask you to do the same. What are your five favorite maps in Titanfall? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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