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The 15 Best Burn Cards in Titanfall

by Prima Games Staff

With Titanfall releasing a few days ago, players are still scrambling to figure out what Burn Cards are worth holding onto, while also deciding which ones to discard. Some cards, such as Reserve Ogre, can have an immediate and profound impact on the game. Others, like Satellite Uplink, are more subtle but can also be game changers. Keeping in mind that each player has his or her own style, here are the 15 best Burn Cards in Titanfall.

Amped Smart Pistol

Some people hold the opinion that the Smart Pistol MK5 is over powered. Although it is effective in the right hands, it’s absolutely useless in the wrong hands. The Amped Smart Pistol card replaces a player’s primary weapon with a more lethal version of the Smart Pistol MK5. Chances are if you’re a fan of the weapon in the first place, you’re a fan of this Burn Card.

Personal Alarm System

Early on, it would seem that most people haven’t figured out how good the Arc Mine is. Toss them in high traffic areas to disrupt, injure or even kill anyone who passes by. With Personal Alarm System, you get infinite Arc Mines for the duration of one life. Use these in game modes like Hardpoint Domination and Capture the Flag.

Ghost Squad

Aside from some of the Titan cards later on in our list, this might be an early favorite for top Burn Card in the game. In addition to your Pilot Tactical Ability, Ghost Squad will allow you to remain permanently cloaked as a Pilot for one life. Consider using this if you have a great spot picked out and a suppressor equipped. No point remaining cloaked if you’re going to show up on the mini map.

Adrenaline Transfusion

For those who love to get a quick start in the game, this card is for you. Adrenaline Transfusion will give you the benefits of being permanently stimmed, allowing you to jump and wall-run further. Although it can be useful in any game mode, most commonly it can be beneficial in Attrition.

Echo Vision

For those that love to play objective based game modes, this card is perfect. In addition to your Pilot Tactical Ability, Echo Vision allows your Active Radar Pulse to be permanently active. Equip this to dig out opposing players camping the objectives.

Map Hack

Simply one of the best Burn Cards in the game. This is a rare one. When utilized, it will display the location of all enemy pilots on the mini-map at all times. Consider using it on game modes like Pilot Hunter for maximum results.

Satellite Uplink

Not quite as effective as Map Hack, however this Burn Card is much more common. Satellite Uplink will reveal all enemies on the mini-map every 10 seconds. It’s perfect for holding down or even assaulting an objective. If you’re about to enter enemy territory, pause until the 10 seconds are up, giving you a massive tactical advantage.

Massive Payload

Nuclear Ejection is one of our favorite Tier 1 Kits for Titans. With Massive Payload, the satisfaction and destruction is even greater. Equip this card from the dead screen while you have a Titan on deck to call in. When that Titan goes down, try to corner as many opposition players as possible for a martyr type death.


A common card, but another one of our favorites. Rematch allows you to spawn at the exact location of your death. We’ve all wanted revenge after a death. This card gives you the chance to get that. Make sure to equip it quickly after you die, if you’re too slow, it won’t take effect in time. As much as revenge feels great, seriously consider using this to defend Hardpoints after you’ve gone down.

Super Charger

The first of some of the more dominant cards in the game. Super Charger gives you a pre-charged Core Ability for your Titan. Best used with the Atlas Titan’s Damage Core. Consider saving this one for Last Titan Standing. It’s a huge leg up on the competition.

Atlas Refurb

If you’re looking to jump out to a huge advantage at the beginning of a round, consider using this card. Atlas Refurb will give you an Atlas Titan as soon as you use the card. Consider saving it for a time when you can coordinate with your team, giving you several Titans on the map at one time. Never use this card during Last Titan Standing.

Pull Rank

Definitely one of our favorites. Pull rank will shave 80 seconds off the four-minute build time of your Titan. Again, get everyone on your team to use this card at the same time, giving you six Titans to the opposition’s none. It’s not beneficial during Last Titan Standing.

Decisive Action

Not as good as Pull Rank, yet still good. This Burn Card will shave 40 seconds off your Titan’s build time. Be sure to work hard to kill lots of Pilots, Grunts and Spectres to get your Titan rolling even faster. Like past cards, try to use this at the same time as several of your teammates to overwhelm the enemy.

Reserve Ogre

Maybe the most popular Burn Card in the game, Reserve Ogre allows you to call in the main battle tank of Titans. It’s the slowest, yet most durable option you can choose. Coordinate this card with your team so that it’s not wasted. The more Titans on the field, the better. Use the Ogre in close quarter situations where its durability gives it a distinct advantage.

Spare Stryder

So far, the Stryder is our favorite of the three Titans. It has the highest Speed and Acceleration of the three without giving up too much Durability. Try using it in Capture the Flag or on maps with open terrain to move around. Use this Burn Card at the start of a round to get a massive jump on the enemy.


With a total of 50 Burn Cards in the game, there’s plenty of room for debate about which ones are the best or worst. Check out the Prima Games Official Game Guide, which lists all 50 cards. 

What cards do you agree or disagree with on our list? Let us know in the comments.

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