Items are part of what makes the Mario Kart franchise unique from simulation heavy racing games. At any moment, someone can launch a red homing shell or even better, a spiny blue shell upon his or her foes, dramatically altering the outcome. Be it a banana peel, Bullet Bill or speed boost mushroom, you have quite an array of items to mess with.

Thankfully, Nintendo chose to increase the number of items for Mario Kart 8. You'll find four new toys to play with, much to the obvious chagrin of your adversaries. That said, here they are!

Super Horn: Unleash a powerful blast that'll daze opponents and destroy all sorts of shells, even the dreaded blue one.

Boomerang Flower: We all know how a boomerang works, right? Throw this sucker and it will fly backwards, giving you two chances to hit people.

Crazy Eight: You receive eight items to use one after the other. Banana peel? Red shell? Bob-omb? Make it rain!

Piranha Plant: Strap a dangerous Piranha Plant to the front of your kart and let it chomp other racers.