There are now official Pokemon alarm clocks in order to make sure trainers are up and ready to catch 'em all and frankly - they're freaking adorable. Come on, you can't look at that sleepy Pikachu atop a Pokeball and not be completely smitten. I'm pretty sure this is what happiness is made of. 

There are numerous options to choose from including the adorable Eevee seen above as well as a Charmander. Eevee is just being Eevee: cute and attentive as always. Pikachu is pretty much harnessing all of my feels this week asleep on the Pokeball-shaped clock, with Charmander doing much of the same and God bless. 

Like most standard clocks, they include the time, date, FM radio, and even the room temperature. If those aren't your style, there are also simple LED lanterns also available featuring favourites like Snorlax and Jigglypuff as well! Super cute, super perfect for any Pokemon fan.  

The alarm clock start at $48 and scale upwards $78. To get in on this pre-order action, you can catch 'em all right here thanks to Merchoid!