The Pokemon fandom is insanely creative. We've seen some incredible mashups in the past but this latest one is perfect for those Bulbasaur fans that wanted to see what would happen should Pokemon and Xenomorph collide. 

From the Tooth Fairy Studio in China comes this insanely detailed Xenomorph Bulbasaur that honestly would make any collector drool. There are also a few Pikachu ones as well, perfectly blending adorable and horrifying in one compact collectible item. 

Of course there is Charmander as well:

And then the not-so cutesy Pikachu:

Crazy, right?

The latest in mashups is available to buy right here, with the sculpt first making its debut back in January 2019. They'll run about 80 USD each, excluding shipping, and immediately become a part of any collection that no one will ever be able to forget. 

While we won't be getting any official Xenomorph x Pokemon crossovers in the future, this is just another way that the creativity of the fandom shines. Even if that creativity leads to some pretty random and odd-ball creations. 

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