Mario Golf Super Rush received its first free post-launch DLC support yesterday, so I grabbed a group of friends and hopped in to check out the new content. Most notable, of course, being the New Donk City course with a fresh set of 18 holes for us to take part in.

The bustling metropolis set against the lush greens of the course makes it a truly memorable and exciting set of 18 holes both visually and mechanically.

New Donk City is The Mario Golf Super Rush Course I've Been Waiting For 

It’s been about a month since playing Mario Golf, which my group of friends somewhat abandoned shortly after launch. After playing a round of 18 holes on every map I came away feeling that almost every course was built for Speed Golf and playing a standard Stroke Play was an afterthought. 

With the announcement of New Donk City though, we dusted off our clubs and took to the green, or in this case, the concrete. After only a few holes it dawned on me that this map was what I wished all of the other courses in the game brought to the table. 

New Donk City is built around banking shots off of buildings, getting creative with the angles of your drives, setting up specials to screw over your friends, and ultimately felt like a mini-golf course blown up to support a full 18 holes.

I enjoyed my time with the other courses in Mario Golf Super Rush, but there is something so special about how compact New Donk City is and how every square inch of this course is utilized both on the ground and vertically. Bouncing balls off the lips of buildings or avoiding the parked taxis on the streets provide an actual obstacle.

Every shot felt like a journey because at any moment the ball could clip the corner of a rooftop or even a low-hanging fire escape. It really forced me to want to take risky shots.

Anyone who has played Mario Golf with me knows I love to try and make the most absurd shots, like driving the ball onto a different course just to get a better angle with the follow-up swing. Most of the courses in the base game did very little to support creative shots or thinking outside of the box. 

However, with New Donk City not only are these shots possible, but they are encouraged. The course has the residents of New Donk just on the ground jumping up and down, cheering you on. It’s like they were begging me to give them excitement.

These citizens are doing the 9-5 grind and clearly, the only excitement they receive is when Mario and crew take over the city to shoot a round of golf. So, of course, I had to give them a show.  

Some holes are on the rooftops high above the concrete streets, so there is very little room for error. Golfing from rooftop to rooftop felt like a challenge, and it is incredibly satisfying when you nail a drive or chip shot from building to building. 

Putting in New Donk City is just as difficult. Every green has a fairly brutal slope and mostly results in missing the putt. Each green has what seems like a rubber lip around the edges of it, which often causes your ball to roll off the side and back onto the dirty streets of New Donk City. 

If Nintendo continues to push the creative limits of what these Mario Golf courses can be, I think the post-launch support for the game will be even more exciting than anything found in the base game. 

This isn’t to say the other courses are not fun or engaging in their own respective way, but I hope to see more unique and interesting courses from the game in the future. For more news and guides be sure to check out Prima Games and our official Twitter and Facebook pages.