Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4 had a ton of suits to unlock and enjoy but that hasn't stopped fans from creating their own additions with unique fanart and cosplay. One fan decided that Spidey needed a little more Scorpion in his life, and after seeing Mortal Kombat and Spider-Man collide with this awesome fanart, we can't help but to agree. 

Mosheeno is an artist that is no stranger to making incredible Spidey suits but his latest creation has to be one of our favorites. At first glance, it's easy to see the Scorpion influence in this Peter Parker alternate look and while it's not something we've personally thought of before, the two looks work really well together! 

Check it out: 

The lines look sleek and Scorpion's style can be seen without losing Spider-man's aesthetic completely. He also has a ton of other creative suits inspired by other characters, including other Marvel characters, so if you're having withdrawal while awaiting Spider-Man 2 news, his portfolio will be more than enough to satiate that craving.