When Marvel's Spider-Man first released on PlayStation 4, it was an instant hit and quickly set records for the team over at Sony and Insomniac Games. The smash-hit inspired amazing fan creations from players and now that we know that the Miles Morales continuation is on the horizon, that creative streak has struck once more and this time; it's all about that symbiote life. 

Redditor 'raysayantan07' took to the forums to share their latest creation and between the lighting and the raised effects, this concept looks straight out of the game! 

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Symbiote Suit / Reddit

Immediately the comments were alight with praise for the artwork and for good reason. While a slightly leather-y texture, this take is so spot-on and makes us want to see this particular suit in-game. Insomniac Games played around with many suits when the title first launched, offering many new ones to add to the game through subsequent DLC. With Miles Morales taking the series' helm up next and a sequel following that, the sky is the limit for what other inclusions the studio makes when it comes to Spidey's lewwwk. 

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What other suits would you like to see added to Marvel's Spider-Man? Would you don the above symbiote suit if given the chance?  Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames and tell us all about that Spidey love! You can also check out our game hub for the PlayStation 4 exclusive right here for tips, tricks, news, and more!