Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts, and Lenovo are joining forces for the upcoming Apex Legends Global Series in a big way. The massive esports event for the Apex Legends community will offer more than 3 million dollars in prize money, something that Lenovo is excited for even more so now that they are the official PC and monitor providers for the festivities. 

For those that are in deep within the PC gaming community, Lenovo is known for their high-performance line-up and competitive edge thanks to their top-tier equipment. For the Apex Legends Global Series, the team over at Lenovo will be supplying over 200 units for all Apex Legends Global Series majors as part of their partnership to make the battle royale events memorable beyond the award-winning game. 

As far as how to qualify, Lenovo tells us "One way to qualify for the Apex Legends Global Series Majors, the highest tier of competition, is to compete in Online Tournaments. The online elite subsequently advance to local Challenger events or regional Premier events to showcase their skills at increasingly talented competition. Only the best players in the world will advance to the Apex Legends Global Series Majors, and ultimately the Apex Legends Global Series Championship, where they’ll be greeted with Lenovo Legion equipment to use in the high-stakes competition."

The event will feature the Lenovo Legion T730 tower to provide the ultimate powerful experience with its 9th Gen Intel Core i7 overclocked 9700K processors and its supercharged NVIDIA GeForce RTX 200 Super GPUs. The systems themselves will also keep cool with the Lenovo Coldfront 2.0 Liquid Cooling system all topped off with the stunning Y25 monitor to act as the icing on this very impressive PC cake. 

The Apex Legends Global Series officially kicks off on March 13th and will run until the 15th in Arlington, Texas! 

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