There are some amazing Legend of Zelda cosplay pieces out there but this has to be one of the best of the best. The Happy Mask Salesman is an iconic character in The Legend of Zelda but one cosplayer took their love for the Nintendo franchise even further with an incredible cosplay that even comes with a re-enactment video! 

dThe cosplayer in question goes by PokuriMio and their creative takes on some of our most beloved characters are so well-done, it's scary! While there are many Links and Zeldas running around, it's always fun to see other characters from the franchise and let's be real - we all can recognize this particular salesman from a mile away! 

In other Legend of Zelda news, Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is back in the spotlight with an adorably charming remake out now for the Nintendo Switch. You can check out our full review here with a small blurb below to see why this is an absolute must-have for any veteran or newcomer to this beloved series: 

"Between the more manageable controls, the modernized dungeon system, and the expansive narrative design of the remake, Link's Awakening is the perfect blend of what we loved from the original mixed with a new experience that both Zelda veterans and newcomers alike can enjoy. Fans will feel that familiar sense of importance that each questline gives, while also a sense of rewarding accomplishment once those credits roll. It's the perfect game for any Nintendo fan looking for a new adventure to sink their time into."