Whether you're gaming for a long time or constantly looking at your phone, blue light from these devices can cause headaches, eye strain, and even eyesight damage. Because of this growing concern, glasses that filter blue light have become popular with tech enthusiasts. The problem is that a lot of them suffer from an ugly and overwhelming yellow tint, which makes them hard to use in our everyday lives. Gamer Advantage's line of premium specs not only provide a more natural look, but they also offer prescription, by far one of the coolest selling features. With the company's upcoming Black Friday 2019 sale, it's even easier to get in on the eye-saving action. 

Gamer Advantage's Black Friday sale doesn't just include their glasses, either. The savings also apply to their apparel and accessories, including a lens cleaning kit, a glasses case, and different clothing options! 

For those who are just in it for the glasses, Gamer Advantage products not only resemble a normal pair of glasses with significantly less yellowing, they're also bendable! This makes them a better fit for different head types while also making them more durable, which if you're prone to gaming rage like I am, is a huge plus.

The Gamer Advantage glasses also come with a lifetime warranty, so you're covered no matter what. Pair that with the fact that they offer zero color distortion and offer complete UV protection, and these are more than just stylish - they're completely functional. 

Each pair also provides a magnetic, polarized sun clip so that everyday wear is even easier. Indoors or outdoors, Gamer Advantage's blue light protection offers eye safety for all environments while still looking snazzy for every type of gamer. 

For Black Friday, here are the special deals that this company has in store: 

  • All regular, non-prescription glasses will be $99, $50 off the regular price
  • All prescription glasses will be $179.99
  • Readers are an additional $39.99

On top of that, for shoppers who want a free game, there is a promotion going on right now for who add an accessory with their orders, which is a perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays. Get a cleaning kit, an eyeglass case, or a pouch and receive a free digital copy of Warhammer: Vermintide 2!

Gamer Advantage apparel, including the hoodies, shirts, and jackets, will also be on sale for 25 perent off. Visit the Gamer Advantage official store to see what other cool products they have to offer. 

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