Unless you like the colour of piss, the custom Death Stranding PS4 controller is ugly as sin but maybe not as bad as these other finds we discovered on the web. For those that missed the intial reveal, you can see the pee-stain yellow translucent colour here as well as the handprint-laden PS4 design. But the ugly doesn't stop there and if we have to suffer, so do you. That's love. 

This one is just bad on so many levels. One, the eyes are creepy no matter what but this controller isn't creepy - it's just really poorly made and almost looks like a penis with the protruding veins. Unless you feel like holding a penile-styled controller all day long, this ain't it chief: 

This next one sure does look pretty but it also looks pretty painful and therefore a big nope from us, dawg. This gold-crusted PlayStation controller comes courtesy of Matthew-Walk over on DeviantArt:

Or this one that really should have just stayed in a pineapple under the sea for good (courtesy of NeoGAF): 

Or this Hello Kitty monstrosity that we found over on YunaHalo

And lastly: OK, cool, but have you also considered just please stopping? 

In all fairness to the Death Stranding controller, the idea is pretty cool. On one side you can see a small baby, which is a focal point in the game, but the color is just ... bad. Definitely one of those instances where the concept couldn't quite translate well into reality but hey, some people really seemed to dig it so get on with your bad self.