Animated Antics and Action are waiting for you in Captain Toonhead vs The Punks From Outer Space, a first-person tower defense game that’s available now for Oculus, HTC Vive and PSVR. 

Captain Toonhead vs The Punks from Outer Space Brings Tower Defense to Oculus, HTC Vive, and PSVR

The tower defense genre has never been this busy or frantic. Captain Toonhead puts players straight into the action and doesn’t let up. This isn’t a stationary battle that’s fought with menu selections from above.

Captain Toonhead puts you in control of both the towers and the defense. Players can take control of all kinds of ridiculous weapons, including lethal hot sauce lasers, snowball machine guns, and electricity-infused pizza slices, all while fighting against waves of enemies. 

It’s up to you and Captain Toonhead to save Earth in this colorful rush of action, strategy, and energy. Players will run, dash, and blast their way through detailed battle arenas while the evil dictator Nicholas Voorhees’ P.U.N.K army tries to stop you. 

You’re going to need to shoot sharp and think fast if you’ve any hope of stopping Voorhees. Captain Toonhead is just as much a strategy game as it is a shooter so pay close attention to your surroundings and don’t forget to throw in some PIGñata bombs for good measure. 

Players can teleport around the map to effectively manage resources and weapons. And when an area assessment or new strategy is needed, you can rise up in the center to take in your surroundings. Captain Toonhead is going to need all the help he can get.

After all, he wasn’t always a hero. He used to be a janitor before he was Earth’s last and final hope against evil.

Experience the first-person action, shooting, and strategy of Captain Toonhead vs The Punks from Outer Space now wherever you escape to virtual worlds. 

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