This Borderlands 3 mod isn't like the others - in fact, it puts a very unique indie twist on the looter shooter. Limbo was a game that very much matched its name. A stunningly haunting tale with a narrative that made an incredible impact on the player. It's also calm - a very, very stark contrast to that of Gearbox's Borderlands 3 yet ever the two shall meet with this intriguing Borderlands 3 mod. 

The mod seen above comes courtesy of RedxYeti. The gameplay feature above shows off exactly how the looter shooter looks in this unique style for a juxtaposition that just works for some reason. The only downside is that this mod is only for PC players for obvious reason. While mod support on consoles has grown a little bit through the years, it's nowhere even close to that of PC. 

Interested in trying this Limbo Borderlands 3 mod out for yourself? Follow the instructions here thanks to Nexus Mods. 

Borderlands 3 mod aside, the game itself is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can learn even more about Gearsbox's latest adventure with our full review here, or check out the small blurb below: 

"There's an overwhelming melange of things to do in Borderlands 3, so much so that things get downright frenetic at times. It's in those chaotic moments that Gearbox has truly created a product that thrives. When you're downed and the only way to advance is to go right through your enemies as your screen fades to read and your controller is shaking almost painfully in your hands. When you're holding down a position from hordes of screaming Psychos with your friends and trying frantically to gain any sort of ground. When you're exploring the Mad Max overworld in whatever Catch-A-Ride pumpkin carriage you've unlocked after skewering twenty bandits in the head. Borderlands 3 shines when it's doused liberally in blood, guts, and glory, but what do you do in the moments in-between? Quite frankly, you're not given much of a reason to remember."