CD Projekt RED has already confirmed that the studio has some awesome new gameplay to share with fans eager to get their hands on Cyberpunk 2077. They are definitely no strangers to making an incredible RPG experience so while we are still reeling from the studio's incredible E3 showcase with Keanu Reeves, this Cyberpunk 2077 cosplay is definitely another amazing reason to celebrate. The cosplayer seen above is Alex Wolf and his portfolio is a perfect testament for his love of all things CD Projekt RED. Wolf's cosplay has since gone viral, even capturing the eyes of the developers themselves! 

From his personal take on their other big series, The Witcher, to his ability to insert himself into the world of Night City in Cyberpunk 2077, Wolf’s incredible craftsmanship shows off the passion that the community is already showing for what the studio has next. 

We'll get to see more of V soon enough when Cyberpunk 2077 officially drops for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on April 16, 2020. For more about the upcoming open-world adventure:

"The game follows the story of V -- a hired gun on the rise in Night City, the most violent and dangerous metropolis of the corporate-ruled future. A robust character creator will allow players to choose V's gender, visual appearance, character class, as well as historical background -- all of which may influence the shape of the game," the summary reads. "With dozens of hours of main story arc quests, and many more of additional activities, there's always something to see and do in Night City. Players will experience all of it entirely through V's eyes, with an interactive dialogue system that gives them greater narrative agency."