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Xenoblade Chronicles X Guide and Tips – Arts, Soul Voices, Tension Points

by Prima Games Staff

Welcome to our free guide for Xenoblade Chronicles X, the open world Wii U RPG from Nintendo and Monolith Soft. We will tell you how to win battles, choose the right class for your play style and break down Soul Voices. 

Xenoblade Chronicles X released for the Wii U on December 4, 2015. The game takes place on the mysterious world of Mira, which features five continents to explore.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Beginners Tips 

Choose a class, build your party and defeat the different enemies populating Mira. 

Xenoblade Chronicles X: Using Character Attributes

Fight back with the various Signature Arts and Skills. 

Xenoblade Chronicles X – How to Win Battles 

Learn about Targeting, Cooldown and Tension during combat. 

Xenoblade Chronicles X – How to Use Soul Voices 

Even your words can turn the tide of a battle.

Xenoblade Chronicles X – Guide to New Los Angeles

Explore the Administrative, Commercial and other districts to get the most from what this location has to offer.

Xenoblade Chronicles X – Guide to Mira

What to expect from Primordia, Oblivia and the three remaining continents.

Tips for Playing Xenoblade Chronicles X

  • Your Morale is another word for party solidarity. Higher Morale means characters work well together. Additionally, you receive more opportunities to activate Soul Voices and earn extra TP. 
  • If a battle tips in the enemy’s favor, activate the emergency escape. You’ll need to survive 15 more seconds, and will automatically appear at the closest landmark. 
  • It’s in your best interest to finish a battle. The game will revive the entire party, HP will increase for characters and skells, and finally, you’ll lose buffs and debuffs. 
  • You earn two types of experience after winning a battle. Your character will receive EXP for increasing stats. Class EXP, however, applies to his or her class rank, giving you the chance to acquire new Arts or skills. 
  • Armor that covers more than one body part is oftentimes stronger than a piece of armor covering one body part.
  • Wearing an ugly piece of armor with great stats? Look for a more fashionable piece of armor and press the X button while in the Ground Gear menu. Set this armor as fashion gear and you’ll apply the same stats to it. 
  • You can damage a creature with your Skell by running into it, but doing this initiates a battle. 
  • When using your Skell, make sure you have a G-Buster weapon on hand. You’ll be able to inflict Bind on the fiercest enemies in the game.

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