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Valkyria Revolution Guide – All Secrets, Collectibles

by Josh Hawkins

Valkyria is a new action-RPG in the critically acclaimed Valkyria series. Set within a different timeline, continent, and universe, Valkyria Revolution offers up quite a different experience than previous Valkyria games. This Valkyria Revolution guide will act as a hub for all of our game content, and we’ll keep it updated constantly with new information about the game.

Valkyria Revolution is now available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Valkyria Revolution Quick Tips

  • Dodge and block enemy attacks to build up your Action Gauge, and attack nearby enemies when you are “READY”.
  • You can purchase items and new equipment in town by visiting merchants. New items will become available depending on the state of the nation and its war efforts.
  • Make use of cover to restore HP or set up ambushes for enemy forces.
  • Visit Basil’s Factory between missions to unlock better Anti-Valkyria gear and weapons.
  • The effects and bonuses given by gear apply to the whole party, so be sure to upgrade your gear as early on as possible.
  • Use Free missions and Training missions to increase experience and unlock new spells.
  • Check for new gear in town, and purchase it when needed.
  • Use the exchange to turn Ragnite Shards into Ragnite, which will increase the amount of spells you can use in battle.
  • You can customize your Battle Pallete at Basil’s Factory, or when preparing for a mission.
  • Change your Squad members out to assist in the battle and make sure you are using your strongest forces against the enemy.
  • You can find items and equipment during battle, this will be added to your “Spoils”. If you square falls during battle, the “Spoils” will be removed and discarded.
  • Look for Imperial Supply Caches and loot them during battle to find more Spoils for your squad.
  • The spells and secondary weapons that your party uses can be customized at Basil’s Factory.

Valkyria Revolution Guides

Here you’ll find an assortment of various guides which will help you during your journey against the Ruzi Empire.

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Combat Tips
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We’ll have plenty of helpful guides coming in the next few days for Valkyria Revolution. Be sure to check back quite often to see what new information we have available, and to check up on any updated guides and articles. As we mentioned above, this article will contain links to all of our Valkyria Revolution content, which will make it much easier for users to navigate through our assortment of helpful articles.

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