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Titanfall Multiplayer Tips from Strongside

by Prima Games Staff

Titanfall is finally available, and millions of players will jump online and frag each other across the game’s detailed maps. Guns will get fired, Burn Cards, well, burned, and Titans dropped from the sky. Fans will also look for strategies to get that all-important edge, and we’re here to help with four in-depth tips articles written by Michael Cavanaugh, AKA Strongside, one of four experts who wrote Prima’s Official Titanfall Guide and eGuide.

Titanfall: How to Use the XO-16 Chaingun

With its high rate of fire and extended magazine, this powerful weapon will make short work of Pilots and Titans. See it in action, and learn valuable tips to make it even more affective.

Titanfall: How to Use Rare Burn Cards for Maximum Advantage

There are a plethora of Burn Cards in Titanfall that imbue players with unique abilities on the battlefield. Strongside will teach you how to take full advantage of the rarest cards in the game.

Titanfall: The Best Wall Runs and Wall Jumps

Running up and along walls is a big part of Titanfall’s gameplay. Strongside walks you through the best ways to incorporate parkour into your Titanfall lifestyle.

Titanfall: How to Use the Electric Smoke Tactical Ability

Trap enemy Pilots with this highly effective ability. Find out how to use it in the most intense situations.

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