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Sunset Overdrive Walkthrough and Tips

by Prima Games Staff

This is the main walkthrough for Sunset Overdrive, an open world, third-person shooter created by Insomniac Games, and published by Microsoft Studios exclusively for the Xbox One. It was released in North America on October 28, 2014, and features both single-player, and co-operative modes.

With that technical mumbo-jumbo out of the way, let’s move on to the fun. After all, Sunset Overdrive is non-stop, unapologetic fun. Just the way it should be.

When players jump into the action they’ll find themselves scrambling to adjust to post-apocalyptic life in Sunset City. With a little help from their friends, Walter and Floyd, it won’t be long before gamers around the globe are bouncing, grinding and slaying mutants. If you’re still not sure what to expect, think of Sunset Overdrive as the Zombieland of video games. It’s a wild ride, and just in case you become lost or stuck along the way, our guide will help you to achieve greatness in the awesomepocalypse.

Before we begin, here are some tips and tricks to get you started.

  • Never stop moving while you’re fighting the mutants of Sunset City. Most of them will not be able to hurt you if you’re constantly bouncing and grinding.
  • Your first weapon, the Flaming Compensator, is one of the best in the game, especially when it comes to taking out your most common foe, the OD.
  • The Dirty Harry is the perfect weapon to drop foes such as Scabs, the Scab Rusher, the Spawner, the Herker, and even the Gunker.
  • It’s never a bad idea to visit Floyd and get your hands on some Amps, but to do this you need some collectibles. Always be on the lookout for Fizzie Balloons, Toilet Paper, Cameras, Shoes, and Neon Signs. These are the materials you’ll need to purchase Amps.
  • Don’t hesitate to pay a visit to Two Hat Jack, commonly found near where you’ll get your missions from Floyd. Two Hat Jack will sell you weapons to slay your adversaries.
  • Flip between Grinding and Undergrinding by pressing the X button on their Xbox One Controller.
  • Learn to use traps such as the Hack ‘n Slay, Fling Board, Pyro Geyser,  Pandora’s Box, and more. These can be the difference between mission failure and success.
  • The TNTeddy is a great weapon for taking out hoards of OD, while the Acid Sprinkler is a good option for protecting an objective. The point is, there is an ideal weapon for every job or foe.

Get even more from the OFFICIAL Sunset Overdrive guide and thoroughly enjoy your apocalypse while saving Sunset City in style!

  • Detailed maps let you traverse the city with speed and style.
  • Complete coverage of the game’s massive and unconventional arsenal.
  • Keep the momentum and grab every collectible!
  • Increase the Chaos and earn the best rewards with tips for the multiplayer Chaos Squad.
  • Complete guide leads you through the entire game.

Act 1

Sunset Overdrive Mission 1: Horror Night – Flaming Compensator, OD

Spend a few minutes learning how to bounce and grind your way through Sunset City, then get your hands on the Flaming Compensator.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 2: One Man’s Trash – Poppers, Floyd, Scabs

Get to know Floyd, one of the game’s main characters, and your primary source for missions throughout Sunset Overdrive.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 3: Amp It Up – Amps, Fizzie Balloons

Learn about the different materials you’ll need to create Amps. Locate and collect the Fizzie Balloons that Floyd requested.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 4: Amptastic – Herker, Dirty Harry

After collecting all the Fizzie Balloons for Floyd, it’s time to help him make some Amps. Defend the base from the OD and Poppers.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 5: A Way Out – Walter, Scabs, Glider

Meet Walter at the overpass, then help him fight off the ambush from the Scabs. Keep grinding at all times to avoid taking damage.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 6: A New Friend – Blower, TNTeddy

Head to the Crown Blades Factory where you’ll meet Sam, as well as get your hands on the TNTeddy to fight the Blower.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 7: Bora Bora Water – Spawner

Get to the Bora Bora Water Facility and defeat the Spawner, then head back to the Oxfords’ base to complete the mission.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 8: Boo-Boo Roverdrive – Kitty Cannon

Make your way to the dog park in Little Tokyo to find Margret’s dog, Boo-Boo, then lead him back to the Oxfords’ base.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 9: Max’s Parents – Climb the Tower

Learn the trick to successfully climbing the tower, then use the TNTeddy and Dirty Harry to take out the Scab Rushers.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 10: Buck National vs The Apocalypse – Pain Train

Follow this step-by-step guide to effectively using the Pain Train to achieve a Bronze Rank or above in episode one.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 11: Midnight Brew – Gunker, Traps

Use Hack ‘n Slay and Fling Board traps to protect the Overcharge from the hoard of OD, as well as a new foe, the Gunker.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 12: Up in the Air – Fizzco Riflebot

Once you and Walter get the glider airborne, chase the Fizzco Patrol Craft until Sam lowers the shields and you can shoot it down.

Act 2

Sunset Overdrive Mission 1: Big Trouble in Little Tokyo – Bryllcream

In one of the game’s easier missions, make your way across Sunset City to the Japanese Heritage Museum in search of Bryllcream.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 2: It’s Me! Fizzie! – Fizzie Boss Fight

Head to the tower to destroy the transmitters and win the Fizzie boss fight. We have the perfect weapon for the job.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 3: Hot Dog! – Scab Tosser, Herker

Find evidence to prove Bryllcream was at the hot dog factory, then use the crane to take out the hoards of OD.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 4: Find 4Kim – Scabs, Sam, Poppers

Head to the train station where the Scabs have taken 4Kim. Once there, we’ll show you how to destroy the thrusters and rescue her.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 5: Hepcat’s Late-Night Special – Night Defense

Head over to Floyd’s and get ready for another epic night defense mission. This one features Herkers and Gunkers.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 6: Bryllcream – Defend the Truck

With the assistance of Sam and 4Kim, locate Troop Master Bryllcream, freeing him from the garbage truck and escorting him to safety.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 7: The Fall of Emperor Norton – Norton Dragon Boss Fight

Norton Dragon is on the loose and causing panic in Sunset City. We’ll show you how to win the boss fight by grinding on his back to deliver three Dragonstrike’s. 

Act 3

Sunset Overdrive Mission 1: To Fargarthia – King Ignatius

Players will get a little down time in the first mission of this act, only having to bounce and grind from one location to another. Seems easy enough.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 2: The King’s Feast – Herker, Wendy

The break was short lived as players will need to put their try hard pants on to keep the Fargarthians safe from the onslaught of OD.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 3: Tastes Like Chicken – Pyro Geysers

Since tree bark turned out to be a mistake, help the Fargarthians roast some pigeons to bring back to King Ignatius.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 4: Bad Medicine – Fizzco Bomb Bot, Wendy

Use your Freeze Bomb to take out the Fizzco security force, then meet Wendy at Leech Pond Park with the drugs.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 5: Ferry to Nowhere – Freeze Bomb, Acid Sprinkler

Setup 10 Pyro Geyser traps and protect the Overcharge to earn the Hater, Air Power and It Burns Amps from Floyd’s night defense mission.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 6: The Siege of Wondertown Land – King Scab, Minotaur

Track down Lawrence the Leper to find the figurehead, then help the Fargarthians storm the castle and kill King Scab.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 7: Floating Garbage – Raise the Drawbridge, Winger

Help Wendy to protect the flagship by feeding it trash, then take down the Winger to escape Sunset City once and for all.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 8: A Hero’s Duty – Blade Bots, Bomb Bots, Tank Bot

Meet back up with 4Kim and Sam to help them defeat the waves of Fizzco Bots trying to get ride of the evidence.

Act 4

Sunset Overdrive Mission 1: Las Catrinas – Sunset City, Collectibles

Take a nice stroll through Sunset City as you head out to meet Las Catrinas at the hospital. Or, you could just fast travel and be done with it.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 2: Awesomesmithing – Excalamune, 99 Robosouls

In one of the game’s longer missions players will have to forge Excalamune, then return to the hospital and preset it as a gift to Las Catrinas.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 3: Getting the Band Back Together – Taiko Drums

After saving Wendy by pulling her barge into the marina, meet 4Kim and learn the mystical power of the taiko drums.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 4: Concertpocalypse – Turret Copter, Fuse Boxes

Rather than defend the Overcharge, players will have to defend the fuse boxes from the hoards of OD. We have a tip that makes this a piece of cake.

Sunset Overdrive Mission 5: This Ends Here – Final Boss Fight, Fizzco HQ 

After fighting through batches of Fizzco it will be time for the final boss fight. Follow our step-by-step instructions to bring down Fizzco HQ.

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